On the day before the start of 2016 I met a lady and her husband at the hospital.

She and I were both 28 weeks pregnant and doing our Glucose fasting blood tests.

So we had a long time to wait and chat.

We got to know each other quite well actually.

But I realized a few things from this bubbly 28 week old pregnant woman who had so many other medical problems.

She was just so grateful for everything she had in her life.

It’s funny how we started talking, her husband simply asked me what Parish I attend.

I don’t know what made him think I was Catholic, but that’s the only reason someone would ask, “What Parish” you attend.

Not to get too emotional here but I felt like this couple was sent to me on the Eve of the New Year as reminder to be grateful for everything you have in life.

He was telling me about all the problems they’ve faced this year, but they seemed to jolly about it.


How Important gratitude can be


The night before I was on my Blogging Ingredients Mastermind when we discussed the whole attitude of Gratitude.

Our mastermind leader shared a very personal story about a very low time in her life in 2014.

It reminded me of a few low times I had this year and I instantly thought, “How did she overcome it”

Well it wouldn’t be a mastermind if she didn’t tell us right!

She said she stopped feeling sorry for herself and started listing 10 things everyday she was grateful for.

Obviously being at the very lowest you could imagine how difficult it was to list even 5 things that she grateful for, but she managed to list 10 the first day.

It’s a habit she continues to this day and has now risen to one of our top affiliates in the Elite Marketing Pro system as well as selling and coaching for her personal clients.

The point is if you can’t be grateful for the things in your life when you don’t seem to have much, do you think you’d be grateful for the things in your life when you have ALOT?

As this New Year begins I challenge you to not only make your to do lists, and your resolutions, but also to make a list – everyday of the things you’re grateful for.

Things to be Grateful for.


Trust me if you’ve having a hard time in your business you’re probably not going to know where to start.

Start with your family (if they made it to 2016).

Then move on to your children if you have

Then your business (whatever it may be)

Your Job if you have one.

Your parents (dead or alive) because without them you wouldn’t be here today 🙂

OliviaYour friends

Your business partners

Your eye sight

Your hearing


Be Grateful even for the Bad Things in Life.

One thing that I also learned is that you should also be grateful for the things that aren’t going so well.

You’re going through it for a reason.

Be grateful for the “crappy” job.

Be grateful for the financial challenges you’re facing right now. It means you’re being give an opportunity to solve a MAJOR problem in your life.

Be grateful for the child you’re about to have but you have no job. Children have a way of bringing so much joy into your world that you will be able to see a solution through them.

Living a life of Gratitude may seem hard if you think you have nothing to be grateful for.

But the fact that you have internet, a computer or phone and the eye sight to be able to read this blog post are just a few of things  you should be grateful for.

If you have these things, it means you also have the ability to start a business. An Online Business like affiliate marketing. Learn more about online marketing as a business with Elite Marketing Pro.


It means you’re able to DO!

There are so many people who do not have the ability to do anything you can.

So don’t waste that opportunity.

Be grateful for what you have!

And things will be begin to multiply! (Trust me). I’ve seen it happen in a very short space of time.


Happy New Year!

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