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If you’ve ever started a new venture and you didn’t have the support of your spouse or loved one then you may relate to this post.

I was on a webinar – The 29 Minute Hangout where Kate McShea was being interviewed by Chef Doug and Chef Katrina!

Apart from all the amazing value she gave with respect to building your home business

She had a few things to say about the un-supportive spouse.

She admits yes that she was one of those spouses who just didn’t get it.

Even I was there with my husband and his own venture until I began my own.


Reasons Spouses Don’t Support You

There are pretty compelling reasons why a spouse would be less than supportive when you start your own business.

One, and the most common is a lack of understanding!

We are always uneasy around things we don’t understand.

A new business is no different.

A lot of folks may be thinking that I’m referring to just a home based business or a network marketing business.


I’m referring to any business!

When my husband decided he was going to quit his job to focus on starting up his business in the film industry

I said, “Yes go right ahead!”

But as the months turned into years

and bills started pilling on with no results I started to get really annoyed!


If you’re not a business person then you’re not going to understand what your spouse is going through.

Three years later still with nothing to show I blew my top!

He had to sit down and explain the whole thing to me.

Now although what he did wasn’t the exact formula that Kate McShea talked about, it was pretty darn close.

unsupportive spouse

Tip 1 : Get your Spouse to a Live Event


Now sometimes like in my case (as the un-supportive spouse) this could not happen.

For Kate however the first time she actually started to understand what her husband was doing night after night …..

with no results was when she attended No Excuses Summit.

A Live Marketing Event that teaches online marketers how to scale and grow their business.

What happened at that event for Kate could not be described in words.

There was a HUGE validation of what her husband was doing.

She realized he wasn’t the only PERSON doing this!


In my case my husband forced me to watch the Oscars!

You’re probably wondering what’s the connection


Well I didn’t see what was the value in what he was offering to film makers because to be quite honest I did not understand the film industry. AT ALL!!!

The only way he knew how to explain it to me was to make me watch the industry’s biggest event.

Now you have to understand I thought the only awards at the Oscars had to do with Actors and Actresses.


Call me stupid! But the Oscars showed me how huge the industry really was.

From costumes, to make up to editing, to directing, to Sound!

You name it they had it!

I got the magnitude of this industry and the part my husband’s business was going to play in that huge industry!


Tip 2: Prove that there are others out there doing it too!

The live event naturally takes care of this!

Once you’re surrounding by like minded people all of a sudden it’s like you get it!

I wasn’t at the Oscars but I saw how huge this industry was!

I saw the potential and I saw other doing the same thing that my husband was about to embark upon.


Tip 3: Get them to Implement

So really Tip 2.5 is you changing your conviction (you have to believe in what you’re doing or else no-one will)

But to get someone to believe you have to get them doing something for them self.

My husband is a genius.

He started giving me ideas about my Mary Kay business about how I could improve it.

Then he started giving me ideas about my book

and guess what?

Very soon I was on the internet searching, researching, trying to figure out how to build this business.

How to publish my book! (Heck I had to finish it first!)

But the only way anyone is going to understand your position is when they are in the trenches with you!


Now my husband and I are in totally different businesses but we understand each other’s struggles.

We understand what it takes

And we understand that it’s NOT going to happen over night.

But we also understand that by sticking with it we will succeed!


So like Kate McShea I’m no longer an un-supportive spouse.

I’m the working hard at home based business spouse!

So if you’re struggling trying to get your spouse, loved one even a prospect on board.

Try these 3 tips and let me know how it works out for you!








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