4 Simple Steps to Create a Facebook Fan Page

You already know the importance of being on Facebook and why a Fan Page is the way to go.

So what’s stopping you from actually sitting down and creating that Fan Page.

Is that you just don’t know how it’s done.

Well watch this really simple video I did to show you how to Set up your Facebook Fan Page.


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The steps are really simple.


Step 1: First Create an Account then select “Create a Page”

Without a Facebook Account you can’t create a page. That much should be obvious.

But I’m a person that doesn’t like to leave anything to chance.

So first create a Facebook Account then go to the Create a Page Tab. (all of this is detailed in the video above)


Step 2: Choose a Category

Next you want to choose a category for your business.

Facebook gives you a few choices depending on the nature of your business.

In the example I used an author.

But your business may be a local business, or a cause or organization.

Below you will see a list of all the options:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Pick one that most represents your operations.


Step 3: Choose a specific industry

This is self-explanatory.

You simply select which industry is best suited for your business.

Once that is done you are going to move onto step 4.


Step 4: Selecting Your Audience

This is a great tool that Facebook has included in creating your Fan Page.

A year ago we didn’t have this option.

This allows you to start targeting from the moment your Fan Page is created.



Once you’ve completed these steps you’re going to be taken to your newly created Fan Page as you will see in the video.


Go through the tutorial that Facebook has but also update your profile (or thumbnail) as well as your cover page.

Now for Facebook your profile image needs to be 250 by 150 pixels max.

For your Facebook Cover Image that needs to minimum 400 by 250 pixels and maximum 850 by 315 pixels.


Hope this has been valuable to you.

Now get out there and create your Facebook Fan Page.


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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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    • Jeff Beeman

      Thank you for keeping up with all the changes and “How To’s” of Facebook … Having somebody approachable for this info is very valuable and appreciated!

    • Ruthanne

      Thanks much Hilary for the simple, step-by-step tutorial. Super info!

      • Hilary

        Glad it was helpful to you. Trying to make things as simple as possible.

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