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If you haven’t realized by now, then you’re either slow or blind!

WORDS have power in them that can make people either run away from you or run towards you.

Now depending on who’s doing the running in which direction this may be a good thing or a bad thing.

People who are not going to bring any value to your life you’re probably better without them.

People who will bring great value to your life – you want to be around them and they probably want to be around you.

If you bring value to other people they will definitely want to be around you.

There are four words that evoke a response in people to “buy” whatever it is you’re selling them. When we say buy we don’t only mean credit card in hand and making a purchase. That’s a great use of the word buy. But when we say buy we also mean buy in; as in they take your side.

So what are these MAGIC words. Well I’m sure you know this first one

1. FREE – people will now and forever be moved by the word Free,

regardless whether they know or not that NOTHING in this world is free. But if you know this USE it to your advantage.

2. “How to” people by nature want to learn.

It takes a really Lazy person to not respond to the words “How to”. Everyone wants to know how to do something.

The DIY industry was built on the concept of people learning “How to” do anything for themselves.

That is what learning does. It empowers people. So you need to learn “How to” empower others with your knowledge.

3. EASY – everyone wants things easy.

Yes we want things free and we want to learn but we also want to learn easily. 

Again we all know that anything worth having does NOT come easily, but we still hope and pray and when someone does tell us that we can get easy  what do we do? We “opt in” you guessed correctly.

4. Introducing! – Well this one speaks for itself in a way.

We always want what’s hot and new! So if I but the word Introducing in front of anything it will evoke the response of, “Oh I want that NEW thing”.

Now there are at least 6 other Magic words that can really help you with your sales copy but I really invite you to go get them yourself. 

The secret to learning is doing. I guarantee you that you will learn all these words faster if you put effort into learning how to master these words.

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