Successful business owners know their numbers.

They know their budget for advertising and they know exactly how much they are willing to spend for a click, a lead, and a customer to maximize their results.

Here’s the thing…

Without a clear understanding of what the current numbers are in your business, it’s extremely difficult to have a concrete idea about how to move forward.

The same goes for video marketing on Facebook.

If you aren’t paying attention to the video post metrics on your Fan Page, it’s like you’re posting a video with no purpose whatsoever.

Honestly, you’d be better off just uploading a video of cute, fuzzy kittens like 95% of the rest of people on Facebook do.

However, if you want to grow your audience and utilize Facebook video for brand exposure, engagement, and lead generation…

Then you need to immediately start paying attention to the Insights I’m about to share, which are found in the Admin Panel of your Fan Page.

Here’s where you’ll find your Admin Panel…


The 5 Insights to focus on…

Once you’ve uploaded a video onto your Facebook Fan Page, just like any other post you create, Facebook will develop insights on how your post is performing.

Click here to access your Insights dashboard…


Then click on Videos to see a list of the videos you’ve shared on your Fan Page…


Then you simply click on the appropriate video to view its detailed stats.

Okay, so now let’s dive into the following 5 Insights to improve your results with video marketing on Facebook

1. 10 Second views vs Total Video Views


 According to Facebook, a video view is counted after someone watches for just 3 seconds.

That’s it!

Now, think about this…

If your video has ten thousand views, but people are only watching it for 3 seconds, how effective is that video for your business?

It’s probably not generating a bunch of leads and sales, right?

So instead of paying attention to how many total video views you have, start focusing on the “10 Second Views.”

Because someone who sticks around for at least 10 seconds is much more likely to watch the entire video.

Yes this number at first may seem smaller and make you feel embarrassed but at least you’re looking at metrics that will HELP your business.


Trust me when I first started doing video on Facebook I got all excited about the views then I realized this whole 3 -second view crap! It got me really mad to be honest, but we live and learn!



2. Average View Duration


Okay, here’s a challenge for you…

Next time you’re on Facebook, track how many seconds you linger on each individual post you see.

I’m willing to bet it’s no longer than 5-10 seconds.


The same is true for video posts.

After testing and tweaking different styles of videos on my Fan Page, I’ve noticed the average view duration is usually between 15-57 seconds.

Thus, I recommend keeping your videos on the shorter side.

This way you get to the point quick and don’t frighten away potential viewers…

Because in today’s age, even 5 minutes is a pretty big time commitment!


3. Auto-play vs. click-to-play


 You may not realize this but the majority of videos on Facebook auto-play without sound until you actually click on them.

However, I’ve learned through the Insights on my Fan Page that views from Click-to Play users have a longer viewing duration…

Because those visitors proactively took the extra step to click on the video to watch.

There are a few ways which you can use to encourage viewers to click on your videos, which we’ll get to in a moment.

So once you know you the numbers of who’s actually clicking vs. who’s just watching then you know how to make changes to your video.

When I first started watching this statistic I realized I had to put in annotations into my videos either for people to read what I was saying or get them to click.

4. Link Tracking

Now, unfortunately, Facebook can’t give you this particular Insight in your Admin Panel.

But if your intention is to use video to send people to your website, then you need to know the video is doing the job of creating clicks and opt-ins, right?

I suggest you use LinkTrackr or a similar tracking service to track how effectively your videos are driving traffic to your sites.

Note that if you’re promoting Elite Marketing Pro, a robust tracking solution is provided for free in your back office.

If you’re not yet an Elite Marketing Pro member then just leave me a message in the comments below. We’ll show you the ropes.


5. Engagement


Hands down…

The best videos on Facebook create engagement.

People use Facebook to socialize and engage with other users.

So pay attention to the number of likes, shares, and comments you get on your videos.

Just like any other type of post on Facebook, the more engagement, the faster your video goes viral, resulting in free exposure for your business and brand.

And that’s a really good thing!

Okay, now that we’ve discussed the 5 Insights you need to pay attention to, you probably want to know how to increase your results with video on Facebook.

Check out this next post for the 5 Tips to Increase Your results with Video on Facebook.

Let me know if this post has been has helpful for your today!


Have a great one







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