So when Vitaly tells you that your headline is good and he’ll just test it you just got a compliment.

In case you don’t know who Vitaly is

…he’s the master Copywriter for Elite Marketing Pro.


On Day 1 of the No Excuses Summit workshop (held in June 2015) while doing the Headline Exercise, one lady gave Vitaly her headline to review and develop.

His first impression was, “Wow, I’ll just test it.”


That’s like saying – your headline is great and there’s really nothing I can add to it.


Usually when you give Vitaly your headline you don’t recognize it when he’s done.


Why I love this exercise is because it shows the process of how copy-writing is actually done.


Before Vitaly ever starts to write anything he has a routine.

The first thing he does is think about his avatar. Who is the person you’re writing?

He starts to write some copy about the person or the offer he is going to make

AND he does this for about 10 to 15 minutes before actually ever starting to write a headline.


Why is that?

Because the reality is you can’t just jump into writing.

You need to literally warm up the same way you would warm when you go the gym.


The purpose of the headline exercise is to get into the mode of writing.

We all have to understand that the first headline we write isn’t going to be the best headline.

And as Tim Erway says, “Done is better than Perfect”

But with that in mind once you’ve written your headline you need to tweak it.

Vitaly gave some really great tips as well when it comes to writing your headline. Here are a few of them.


Vitaly’s Headline Tip 1: Write all the Pain Points of your Avatar

Struggling to make money

Not enough time with their family

Spending too much time driving to me

Credit card bills racking up

Feeling unmotivated

Feeling burnt out

Needing a Vacation REALLY badly


All these are things or feelings that your Avatar will be going through. You have to find the ones that are really sticking points for your avatar and be able to communicate it right back to them.

Vitaly’s Headline Tip 2:  List all the benefits of your product

When listing the benefits you have to remember that you’re not listing features.

Here’s where a lot of people get confused.

A feature of a television will be for example 1080 p resolution, but the benefit is crystal clear picture quality!

See the difference.

So your product will have many features – things – but no one really cares about the features unless there is a REAL benefit.5winningheadlines

Here’s where you do some tying together of your avatars pains with the benefits you have to offer.

Vitaly’s Headline Tip 3: Never edit while writing

As an amateur copywriter you may be tempted to edit as you go. We’re in that habit whenever we see the red jagged lines pop up.

Our first instinct is to “fix it”. Well Vitaly says, “No”.

Keep writing and writing and writing. Your purpose here is to do a sort of free writing.

But writing along the lines of your subject.

Let the words flow and then you will find that more and more ideas come out

Vitaly’s Headline Tip 4: Develop a writing routine

When Vitaly mentioned this I first didn’t understand what he meant.

He wasn’t talking about the coffee cup that you will grab just before you sit down to write.

He meant develop a routine that will help you write.

You need to start writing maybe on paper. Or just typing.

Keeping a journal everyday can form part of your writing routine.

But the important thing is that when you’re finished with this routine you are prepped to get going with your copywriting.

Vitaly’s Headline Tip 5: Write 20 headline versions

This was the hardest part. Actually getting the writing down.

It’s not rocket science.

The only way you can get something done is if you do it right?

The only way you get good at writing headlines is by writing headlines.


So my suggestion to  you is this.

If you want to get good at headline writing – grab this 5 winning headlines formula.

You will learn how to write headlines that really captivate your readers so that they must continue to read.


Let me know what you thought about this post in the comments below. Do you think you’d be able to implement Vitaly’s simple 5 steps to creating headlines? Let me know below.



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