8 Months ago –

The 8 of us attended No Excuses Summit in some form or fashion.

8 months ago many of us never knew what a lead was.

8 months ago many of us were still trying to figure out how to build a business online.

8 Months Later

After attending No Excuses Summit in June of 2014

You really need to hear what this Elite group of leaders has to say about their journey …….

AFTER No Excuses Summit

First let’s meet the No Excuses Fabulous Eight

Bernie, Danielle, Bob, Gary, Katrina, Misha, Penny and ME!!!


From left to right we have

Bernadette Chin Lee – Mother of seven and attended No Excuses for the first time in 2014 after hearing about it like what seemed “forever”!!!!


Danielle Sweet Ellis – Mother of five! Who was one of the first people to join Elite Marketing Pro back when it was in beta and is now running a copy editing business from her home.

Dr. Bob Clarke – Full time Fertility doctor, part-time internet marketer. 2014 was his Product creation breakthrough year! (more on that)

Gary Williams – a CPA who turned traveling into his business

The Chef Katrina my mentor and friend who after attending No Excuses really buckled down to creating her online empire using her Blogging Ingredients course and the tools inside Elite Marketing Pro among other things.

Misha Wilson (the huge image) – The Hawaiian traffic expert who just dominated the leader boards right out the gate

Penny Kelley – The big time Sales Executive who was able to leave her job within 2 months! To build her business online.

and yours truly – Hilary De Freitas – Wife and mother of one! Who’s now managing the marketing and business development of my father’s Accounting Firm, building an online marketing business and helping other mothers do the same!


What did No Excuses do For your Business?



So Chef Katrina, being the AWESOME leader that she is, decided to bring this group of leaders together to share

and eventually teach what we have learned from the No Excuses Summit event!

Yes eventually teach (more on that when you purchase this year’s Tickets)

But Katrina asked this question to each of us and here’s a summary of the answers.

So apparently since NES 5 Bernadette is now a Social Media Manager!


How amazing is that. Bernie manages three different companies Social Media activities, ads, engagement etc all from her home.

She most recently got a gig to build out a local Band’s Launch on Social Media!

Now remember Bernie has Seven children!

Where does she find the time. Join us on our Monday Marketing Moms Trinidad hangouts to ask us that question.

Yes us!

Since NES Bernie and I have teamed up and we’re hosting a weekly Mastermind Hangout for all those mothers out there who want to build a business online!


Danielle didn’t realize she was having success until she actually started speaking about it. Daniel

So No Excuses is the official event for Elite Marketing Pro. Danielle had originally joined Elite to help her build her MLM business and to make some residual income from the system.

What Danielle didn’t realize is that she took everything from the system and started her own editing business using Fiver.

Her process is exactly the process that Elite Marketing Pro teaches in nearly all their courses, all their webinars!

So it was like a light bulb going off when Danielle actually realized,

“Wait I’ve actually created a really thriving business from all that I’ve learned with Elite Marketing Pro

[Tweet “”Wait I’ve actually created a really thriving business from all that I’ve learned with Elite Marketing Pro” “]

As Katrina said once before, sometimes you just don’t know where the nuggets are going to show up!


Now for those who know Dr. Bob Clarke he’s known as the Part-time internet marketer!Bob Clarke and Me

This wasn’t his first No Excuses event. He’d been to a few of these events before.

As a spectator so to speak.

This year – someone came up to him and said, “Oh my goodness, You’re Bob Clarke!”

Instantly he realized he’d gone from student to teacher.

This event while at one of the VIP Mixers he had a heart to heart conversation with Nick Haubner.

And basically he said, “Let’s get your product going”

He didn’t know if he had it in him to do that, but after a few months of attending No Excuses Summit 5

Dr. Bob Clarke was ready to launch his first product!

If you’re reading this and you know you’ll be at No Excuses Summit this year,

I challenge you to find Dr. Bob Clarke at the VIP Mixer ……buy him a drink….. who knows maybe you’ll be launching your very own product a few months after attending.

You’re probably wondering what other success stories came out of this event.

It’s kind of surreal.

You’ll see what I mean as we continue this tomorrow.


I’m not going to ask —- I’m telling you share this on social media everywhere.

Why because you don’t know who needs to read this today!


I’m Hilary De Freitas
The Marketing Mom
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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    • Katrina

      Love this blog post and it was so much fun to see where everyone was at. This is an amazing group of entrepreneurs that are going to change the landscape of internet marketing.

      Looking forward to tomorrows post!

    • Ruthanne

      Encouraging information, thanks!

      • Hilary

        Most Welcome! In business it’s not easy when you have so many far reaching success stories. When you’re able to see “smaller” leaders rising you need to get close to them!

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