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Hello there! Hilary is the name – I’m a Wife, Mother, Author, Business Coach and Trainer!
Sounds like a lot!
Well you can say I’m an over achiever, but then again I’m not.
I’m just a woman who married the man of her dreams, had a passion for business and it allowed me to turn my engineering degrees into something much bigger than myself and thankfully it’s impacting you today. I have coached and mentored several people in digital marketing, have formed partnerships with various entrepreneurs managing other business owner’s social and advertising campaigns. I started my own affiliate marketing and business coaching because I saw the need for moms to be home with their kids and still bring in the bacon! 

My family is reason for everything i do

The rock of my life – my husband – and I have been together for almost 10 years now and our beautiful growing family is the reason and the source of everything I do for my business and it will be the learning for helping you as a mother build your own business online.   

I’m here because I am committed to sharing with you the tools, techniques and systems that I have learned as an engineer and showing you how to apply that to a business as a mother……

Motherhood has taught me that life and business are one and same. 

You learn as a mother, as a business owner, as a wife and I continue to do so and share my knowledge and expertise with you. 

I’m excited for your journey to begin with me……

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I made the decision to leave my job in October 2014 in order to focus on my business and family. I’m happy to say that the goal was met and I’ve been a stay at home mom, managing a business from home with our children all while homeschooling! 

It’s not only possible …… IT IS FUN!
If you’re ready to leave your job like I did and really grow a business online
I can show you the way because I’ve walked the path.

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