Ever since I made the commitment to stay fit and healthy, I also decided to invest in quality active wear. Good quality active wear isn’t just for professional runners.  Whether you’ve been training for years or just starting, you can certainly benefit from running gear that are a product of meticulous research and development.  You need the assurance that what you are wearing can protect you, cope with the demands of your fitness routine, and lessen the impact of the exercises you perform. And unknown to many, what you wear when you run or when you are at the gym not  only provides support but can enhance your stability and prevent fatigue and soreness as well.


If you are not new to this blog, then you already know that I only have nice words to say about Fabletics, the active wear line founded by Kate Hudson. I own a considerable number of pieces from Fabletics and my most recent purchase is their Lisette High-waisted Running Capri in Painted Poppy Print.


It was love at first sight for me when I saw the Lisette running capri on the Fabletics website. I instantly loved that bright and fun poppy design.  I told myself, “Hey, here’s one that looks comfy and cute to boot!” Long story short, I bought it, used it regularly, and below is my review.



Fabletics call it a capri but it is actually a cross between a legging and a capri.  The ⅞ length is just perfect for me (I stand at  5 feet 3 inches).
It  comes with a slightly wide high waistband that sits perfectly on the waist. If you are going to purchase this, you need not worry about having to pull up your bottoms when physical activity gets intense because of the snug fit. It just hugs the body perfectly.  The fit is flattering and it even makes my butt look great, thanks to the slimming power mesh lining.



For this product, Fabletics used a medium compression fabric that’s quite thick but comfortable and feels like brushed cotton. The elastic waistband, although wide, is comfy, too.  Furthermore, the seams are flat in order to enhance comfort and reduce  the risk for abrasions, chafing, and other skin irritations.


There are a few things I want to highlight when it comes to the Fabletics Lisette Running Capri. First, it uses a moisture-wicking compression fabric. Those who sweat a lot and are prone to swelling and skin irritations will appreciate this feature.


Next, it provides UPF 50 protection. In my most recent blog, I discussed the importance of sun protection when running outdoors.  Active wear should provide broad-spectrum sun protection. And the Lisette running capri does just that.


Third, it has a slimming design. The high waistband and power mesh lining provides a snug fit and and the same time enhances my curves.


Fourth, it has an inner waistband for keeping small items such as a key or card. It doesn’t have a zipper but it’s quite safe and secure.

And lastly, they come in fun and gorgeous designs. The other designs and colors are just striking as painted poppy print.




The Lisette running capri is incredibly soft and comfortable. It is lightweight enough for summer and thick enough for colder months. Plus, it wicks very well so it keeps me fresh even after a long run or spending hours in the gym.


The poly-spandex fabric blend stretches well so I’m kept comfortable and secure. I never have to about bursting seams or bunching at the waist whenever I have them on. Also,  due to the all-way stretch, it doesn’t limit my range of movement so my flexibility is enhanced.



It is priced at a little over $50 but Fabletics is on sale right now so you can definitely get it at a much cheaper price.




I wanted to buy quality running gear in fun and gorgeous designs and the Lisette High-waisted Running Capri by Fabletics did not disappoint. It is comfortable, durable, fits just right, and comes in unique, eye-catching designs.


If I have to nitpick, well, it would have been awesome if the hidden pocket has a zipper. But it’s not a deal breaker, really. Overall, I really like the Lisette Running Capri and I wish Fabletics will come up with fresher designs. I recommend it to women who are looking to buy fun and top-of-the-line running clothes.

Did you purchase running clothes lately? What do you love about you purchase? I’d love to know!

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