Two Hours to Work Each Day

I’m writing this blog post especially for those who think that you can’t possibly have a successful online business only working two hours a day.

I want to call out a leader in our Elite Marketing Pro community – Rebecca Woodhead – who shared what she did working two hours a day* kinda.

What she asked herself is why couldn’t she do it in two hours each day.

I’m an engineer and a very good planner according to some people.

According to myself I wing it!

But it will appear that my winging it has some structure to it.

First of all I don’t see time in minutes as I explain in the video below.

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Yes I’m a little crazy like that.

I see time in units.

One hour has 4 units.

So rather than me saying I have 30 mins to do something

I say I have 2 units of time to get this done.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself what’s the difference.

Well psychologically I see that as a small amount of time.

TWO versus Thirty!

So it forces a sense of urgency in my action.

I know that I can get a blog written in “a One” !

Quite literally that means for me – in one unit of time.

It should never take me more than 15 minutes then to write a blog post.

So if you do the math – which I know everyone loves – How many blog posts can I get done in 2 hours?

I’m not good at dividing and stuff like that – even though I’m an engineer – we have calculators for that.

But I hope you realized that realistically speaking I can write EIGHT blog posts in 2 hours.

So what’s my strategy?

Well it starts with me doing 4 units of reading.

I have to have things running through my mind in order for me to sit down for 8 units and write 8 blog posts.

Most times I only get 4 done!

Why – because my butt starts to hurt!

Serious if you know someone who can sit at a computer typing for 2 hours straight

PLEASE I’d love to meet them.

So remember higher up I just told you I have to do 4 units of reading to be able to write 8 blogs.

Well do you realize your two hours is up if you read then write!

And not only that you’ve learned something and then you’ve created content!

In the online business CONTENT IS KING.

Why do you think Google rules Search Engine.

Because they OWN like 70% of the content on the internet.

So You can get a lot done in two hours you just need to focus on the units of time.

There are many other things you can do with your two hours.

We’ll continue to discuss this topic some more this week.

In the mean time if you haven’t done any reading for the day may I recommend a piece of literature that will have you understanding better than ever what Attraction Marketing is all about.

You have to create content in order to attract – that’s just a hint. You can start off with a 10 day Boot Camp on Attraction Marketing.

When you’re ready give me a shout!

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