When Embarking on new Territory – Plan

Today is a really exciting day because my husband, daughter and I are going to visit her grandparents who live in Oregon.

We’re travelling all the way from Trinidad and Tobago to the western most side of the United States!

How exciting.

Now whereas we (the adults) have done this before out little angel who just turned 1 year old yesterday is going to be super excited! I can’t wait to see her expressions.

But at the same time she’s probably going to be pretty scared of all the new things that will be going on.

I have been agonizing, as you can imagine any first time mom would be, for this entire experience.

Everyone keeps saying you’ll be fine, just plan everything. Make sure you have all her food planned out, some of her favorite toys and lots of games on the Samsung Galaxy! (no we don’t do iPads. We’re a Samsung family).

Hearing that theme over and over again made me realize that this is what you have to be for every part of your life, even your business.



Duh! you’re probably saying to yourself. Then why is it that so many businesses fail because they were not prepared or never had a plan.

Let’s take for example the simple mom and pop shop that starts up this year is closed within five years.

Forgetting the statistic that 75% of starts up fail within the first 5 years ( I don’t actually know the correct number so don’t quote me on it. I just know it’s really high) we know that there must be something that these “failed” start ups did that the “successful” ones didn’t do.

Now I say “failed” and “successful” in quotes because we all know for those reading this blog that every failure is a success.

But we’re dissecting the business here.

I have heard many people say that there biggest challenge was cash flow.

But when you get to what they needed cash flow for you realized that they didn’t take into account certain things that they will need to run the business.

I’m talking about things like toilette paper, printer ink, dish washing soap.

It’s hard to believe that a business could fail because you forgot to plan for TOILETTE PAPER

But really this is the case, so just like we’re going on a trip you know you must have tickets! check, Passports! check! or shoot food for baby——- that might be important. Thanks to friends and family it was brought to my attention that hey! maybe you want to pack all of that!

So in your business you need to get down to the little nitty gritty things that you’re going to need!

Sometimes we forget to budget for things like training, or business trips that become absolutely necessary and that can eat into your cash flow.

So plan and plan properly because every business venture is like going on a trip with a one year old – it’s DAMN SCARY!

But proper planning may see you through to a successful venture.

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