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Tim Erway….

What can I say about Tim Erway…..

What can I NOT about Tim Erway

Tim Erway

As I’ve said before, this year once a month I’m doing a spotlight Friday.

And you can guess who I’m spotlighting this month!

You may not have heard about this guy,

and if you have

you know the magic that he brings to online marketing businesses everywhere.

He has personally coached people like

Ray Higdon

Ferny Ceballos

Mike Dillard

Chef Katrina

and many others!

The Back Story on how I came to Meet Tim Erway

The first time I heard Tim speak was on this video — right here — all I had to do was put in my email address!

Then I went to a webinar that he was hosting as a monthly training that Elite Marketing Pro does every month.

Then I tuned into several webinars that he was hosting.


I took in every word that he said.

But you know how there are time when you just need to hear things over and over again.

Well I needed to hear this from Tim

Just a few months after joining Elite Marketing Pro I had the opportunity to “attend”

the No Excuses Summit via Live Stream! (which by the way is coming up again)

Now you’re probably wondering what is No Excuses

I have many blog articles that speak about different things that I learned from this event.

But I always heard about how important it is to attend live events.

I wasn’t able to actually fly to Las Vegas last year, but I did have the opportunity to view each and everything that was happening on the stage.


It was at this event that an invitation went out.

It went out three times.

The first time it went out I said I want to take them up on this offer!

But I couldn’t bring myself to spending that kind of money.

I pulled out my college tuition files.

You’re probably saying I’m crazy.

(yes I still have those files, all the admission documents, student scholarships, and fees)

I looked at how much I had already spent on education that was not bringing me the life I wanted to be living.

Then the invitation was presented again.

I spoke to my husband.

He said,

“Do you think it is worth it?”

I said,

“Of course I think it is worth it! I will be getting personal coaching from Tim Erway and the TEAM!!!”

My husband said,

“The go for it!”

He hadn’t asked me the cost, how long it will take, where I will have to go.

He just said – go for it.

I guess you’d have to know a little more about the magnitude of the man Tim Erway to understand why I wanted to get personal coaching with Tim Erway.

Who is Tim Erway

I wouldn’t dare want to summarize what I know about this great man,

But here goes —-

Tim was on the verge of being homeless

with a family to take care of

and no real income to speak of

He had received his second, not first, his second eviction notice


And as he shares in the video I referred to earlier in this post he was just broken, he was at his lowest.

But then he used this position to dig himself out of this hole.

He knew exactly what being in debt felt like and so he figured out how to help people get out of debt.

The story goes that by helping people get out of debt, Tim got out of debt.

The model that he used was what some will call genius.

Critics of Tim say that he just stumbled on the obvious.

Either way – the 7 step model that he shares in the Ignition Coaching Program of Elite Marketing Pro is exactly how he built

not one, two or three, but SEVERAL internet companies.


Sometimes we say – I would love to sit in a room with millionaires!

When I went to the Acceleration Program Mastermind weekend that he and his business partners host

I had the privilege of saying that, ” I was in a room with Millionaires!!!!”

Not just millionaires, multi-millionaires!

And you know what – they are the most natural and humblest of people you will ever meet


Tim Erway’s Impact on my Business

First of all if it wasn’t for Tim Erway – Elite Marketing Pro would not exist.

Elite Marketing Pro has become my new University. And it only cost me $297 to start!

It’s a University that you’re never an Alumni.

You’re always a student.

It’s the university where I learned and continue to learn the mindset of an entrepreneur.

It is the place where I earn income to pay my bills.

It is the place where I engage and interact and even teach once in a while other entrepreneurs.

Tim has allowed me to see another way to earning an income.

He has showed me the way to being truly financially free.

And to tell you how much of impact he has had on me,

He has even made me cry at one of our masterminds

Acceleration Mastermind

simply because sometimes we have to dig deep within ourselves to be able to know what to say to others.

We have to find ourselves first

before we can give of ourselves to others.

Tim has been so instrumental in my business that rather than coming to me I’d just send you straight to him for coaching! (if you can afford him that is)

He’s one of those guys who’s time is valued highly!

Don’t worry he shows you exactly how you can get there as well.

It’s a journey I’d be honest with you.

But it is one that you want to start!

You want to start it right where I started!

And grow with each step and each new offer.

Even as we speak I understand they are taking applications for the EMP Acceleration Program of which I’m a member and dare I say graduate.

But first you must be a member of the Elite Marketing Pro “University”.


And yes the Acceleration Program is by application only. It’s not for those who are NOT ready to be an entrepreneur.

It’s NOT for those looking to earn money over night.

It’s NOT for those who can not or will not put the effort and work in.

Elite Marketing Pro is your access card for this Acceleration Program to which my Mentor – Tim Erway – who has been so instrumental to my business – will guide you to success.


If you are ready to have Tim Erway guide you and lead you on a journey that will change your life.

Then get access today in Elite Marketing Pro.


I’m Hilary De Freitas
Online Marketer, Operational Nerd and Mom
Marketing online is a journey, a journey that I invite you to share with me.
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