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My freshmen year at college was quite interesting.

I was coming from another country and living in the US for the first time.

I had naturally visited the US on several occasions before, but my first living experience was when I started college in good old Peoria, IL.

I was amazed at how all these young girls and boys were spending hours upon hours going to these meetings to join some group.

Now you have to remember culturally I did not understand what a Sorority or a Fraternity was.

It would take me almost three years before I decided I also wanted to “belong” and join one myself.

Now I would say culture has a HUGE role to play in this basic human desire.

You’re probably wondering where I was going with that one.

But if you do belong to a Fraternity or Sorority I want you to think back to what was it about the entire RUSH process that made you even have an interest in wanting to be a part of the system.

When I got on campus my focus was my degree.

My parents didn’t send me across ocean and land to join some stupid group of girls.

The group I intended to join was the group of people who possess a degree or even two.

Either way I wanted to belong to something – for me it was belong to the group of qualified professionals.

To my freshman friends on campus it was belonging to a Sorority.

Now belonging to any group is something that people want more than anything in the world.

My mother would always tell me,

“No man is an island.”

Meaning even if we wanted to, or rather, even if we fooled ourselves into thinking we don’t want to belong, the long and short of it is that we all want to belong to something.

I want to belong to the group of top marketers in the world.

You want to belong to the group of top earners in your MLM business.

Your neighbor wants to belong to the group of top neighborhood watch personnel!

Heck I don’t know.

But just like my college mates in freshmen year – we all have a desire to belong, to be cared for and in a sense to care for others.

It is only when we are a part of something that we have the opportunity to do for others and for other to do for us in turn.

As a business owner, or Network marketer you want to be able to tap into peoples’ desire to belong.

Everyone wants to be a part of something – you just have to figure out what your target market wants to be a part of and position your offering to provide just that!


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