The Five Basic Human Desires – Curiosity



Have you ever heard someone use the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat”?

If you haven’t or even if you have you’re probably trying to figure out – if this is a bad thing then why are humans desirous of this?

Well curiosity surprisingly enough gives people a sense of freedom. With it they feel they are able to independently understand how things work and explore new ideas, new opportunities, new places etc.

Most people are curious about different cultures – for example I’m originally from Trinidad.

When I moved to study in Peoria, IL everyone I met was totally fascinated by my accent and my hair and my way of dress – even though I dressed just like them.

I even remember someone asking if we wear jeans and t-shirts in my country.

Naturally I was irate when I first heard the question, but eventually realized that they genuinely did not know anything about Trinidad.

The reality was I was totally fascinated by them as well.

My moving to Peoria IL sparked their interest and curiosity as well as mine.

I wanted to explore this new found place of Peoria IL which I never knew even existed before going to University.

Although most people don’t like change – the intrigue that is brought on by curiosity can make many people choose to make “purchases” of one kind or another that WILL change their life.

One of my friends from Peoria, IL loved all my stories about Trinidad so much that she decided to go and visit!

I have a cousin who decided to spend an entire year in Australia because her first year on campus she roomed with a girl from Australia.

Your curiosity has this hidden effect within us that actually produces an action of one kind or another.

Without curiosity people will never try new foods, new restaurants, new vacation spots or new business opportunities.

Curiosity is what can really help you recruit new prospects into your business.

They are probably looking at you and wondering – what is it that he does that can keep him up at night until 1 am in the morning after a long day at a job.

Or they may be asking I wonder how she got that Pink Cadillac?

Or they may be asking how is that he knows so much about marketing for any business?

Once you have sparked someone’s curiosity in what you are doing you need to harness it and build on it.

Fulfilling someone’s curiosity only comes once they’ve “bought into” the idea of whatever you’re offering them.

And believe me you’re always going to be offering them something. You just don’t know it yet.

So if you’re curious to learn more you should tap into this system. Just enter your name and email address when you get to the page and let your curiosity be satisfied.

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