The Five Basic Human Desires – An Introduction


You know when I first got into this business I heard people talk about listening to your prospect, finding out their needs, getting an idea of what they want to achieve by doing a business and exploring a business opportunity like my own.


What I DID not realize was that you actually needed to take this feedback and translate it to something that you can provide to them.

Now notice I didn’t say “sell” to them. Selling implies that they don’t want it and you’re trying to force it down their throats.


People will tell you exactly what they want if you just give them a chance.

Most people hand it to you on a silver platter. Where we mess up is not taking that information and associating with a basic need.


So a mother of five who is in upper level management sits down to talk to you about your business and you listen attentively to everything she’s saying and you hear her say, “I want to make more money!”


Light bulbs go off in your head and you’re ready to sign her on the dotted line! WRONG MOVE!!!!

(now we’ll get into that whole how to recruit people in another series or you can learn from the master’s with Black Belt Recruiting).

What you need to be doing is qualifying what she’s saying into one or more of the five basic human desires that we will be discussing in the next few days.

Knowing what people’s real DESIRE is will help you identify what you can provide to them to fulfill that need.


To learn what each of these FIVE Basic Human Desires are and how to make the best use of this knowledge stay tuned for more next week.

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