The Five Basic Human Desires – Security


Who do you know in this world that does NOT want to be secure? Tim Erway shared these compelling points on the last What’s Working Now webinar.

Right now I’m hearing the Jeopardy song playing in my head because I’m trying to think up who in their right mind would throw security in its many forms out the door.

Well you guessed it right! Everyone wants to be secure. You want to be secure in your job, in your home, in your career, in your marriage. You want to feel secure when making online purchases.

You want to feel that what you’re purchasing will add a little more security to ….. well everything.

Sometimes I think of security as a guarantee. Ever realize how people will quicker make a purchase on something that says “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!”


guaranteeIf I were to include in this post the sale of product, any product, and tell you that I guarantee that you will absolutely love it and that it will produce all the effects I claim, you are probably going to buy it faster than if I just told you the benefits.

Guarantees are like security!

But let’s look at another aspect of security. Job security is a thing of the past, yet people are constantly looking for a secure job.

Last time I checked companies I can fire you faster than you can say boo! Companies close down, are acquired by other companies, they relocate.

All these affect your job security. But when we speak about job security what are we really referring to?

Job security is just another way of saying Financial Stability.

So what you’re really looking for is security of your finances. Well my friend – if I’m going to bargain my financial stability I am quicker going to put the odds in my own ability than that of a company.

I rather “risk” my “job security” on what I do rather than what Company XYZ does.

People will feel a lot safer if they knew that their success relied on their own abilities and their own work.

It is not a happy feeling to be laid off from a job – most times you don’t get any warning and you’re left with a choice of food for the children or food for you?

Many people who have been laid off in the last few years can testify to that.

Many of them may no longer be here to tell us because despair took over. That is what can happen without a sense of security. Security is that bedrock that makes a person feel – safe – in their existence. If they don’t have security they feel truly lost.

If you’re willing to demonstrate to people how their security can be greatly increased by working for themselves rather than working for “the Man” you are on the right path to influencing potential team members to join your opportunity.

I’m guessing that you’ve found a ton of value in this post today.

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