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If you are not a subscriber of What’s Working Now, then I have to tell say, you are missing out on a ton of learning and training that will boost your marketing skills and abilities and by extension your business ventures.

That being said – in June’s What’s Working Now training – Tim Erway was doing the training on Persuasion and Influence;

but in order to get us to that point he shared with us some key things about the human psychology of people and how we as marketers tap into these traits in order to elicit responses out of those we market to.

A couple weeks ago I was sharing with you the Five Basic Human Desires and why that is so important in your marketing.

If you need a refresher just go to this blog post for more details.

Now if we think about what we’re trying to do as marketer is really to get people to respond to some stimuli. People respond based on the different desires that have hidden within them.

Now one of my least favorite to discuss is that human desire of sensation.

Now by sensation we don’t mean sensual – although I have seen many marketers utilize this desire in that way.

Sensation is about a feeling, a feeling of wanting to be attractive. People want others to look at them and say, “I want to be like her.”

Well that’s a sensation – but then there are those sensations where it’s more than just I want to be like that person,

or I want to have what that person has;

it’s more like I want to feel the way that movie is making me feel right now;

I want to feel the way I felt when I devoured that rib eye steak;

I want to feel the way those women made me feel seeing their flat stomachs etc., etc., etc.

You get the picture right?

Sensation is as strong a synonym that we can actual use for desire.

So how would you use this in your marketing – well it’s pretty simple actually.

You’re targeting someone say who wants increase traffic on their site.

Well traffic in essence really means that people are attracted to you –

you turn the concept of traffic into the emotion of people being so attracted to what they are offering the world that everyone want so to come and see what’s happening.

Simple example but you can see how it will work.

Just take a minute and think of all the beer commercials you see during the Super Bowl!

I mean talk about sensation or what!

Now apart from that fact that American Football – yes I said it American Football – and beer just go hand in hand, after watching a few of those commercials you get it in your mind that if you had a Coors Light in your hand right now you’d get all the girls at the Super Bowl party you’re at right now!

That’s the power of using Sensation in your marketing strategies.

The next time you feel the need to act on a commercial, or a headline you see – think about what is it that they’re really eliciting in me?


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