Five Steps to Good Skin Care

Everyone wants younger looking skin!


Skin care is probably the most sought after product in women ages 35 and up!

Why is that?

Well if you fall into that category you have started to notice fine lines appearing on your face.

You’re starting to see skin looking a little dull.

Your skin isn’t as radiant as it was in your twenties.

Nor is your skin as supple as it used to be.

If you’ve had a few children and working long hours you’re starting to see dark circles that not even concealer will remove!


Skin Ages!

So get over it!

The only thing you can do is slow down this process.

The aging process manifests itself in our skin through collagen loosening and the layers under the skin losing moisture.

The Five Steps to Good Skin Care

In order to slow down this process you need to have these five steps in your daily skin care routine!


  1. Cleanse

  2. Exfoliate

  3. Freshen

  4. Moisturize

  5. Protect

without these five basic steps in your skin care routine you’ll be doing your already aging skin an injustice.

But here’s the kicker!

As you will know not all cleansers are equal, some are less equal than others 🙂 (no pun intended)

When it comes to choosing the right skin care you need to not only take into consideration the five steps above.

You also need to take into consideration your own skin.

This is what makes skin care so difficult for some.


What’s your Skin Type

I’ve heard many people tell me they know what they’re suppose to do with their skin to make it look great.

That’s excellent so do you know what to do for YOUR SKIN?

Everyone’s skin is a little different. And although we can throw most skin into categories you still MUST recognize there’s a difference.

That will naturally imply that there’s a difference with the different products that you will use.

Here’s what I’ve found.

Asking yourself these five questions will give a better idea of what you need specifically for your own skin.

  1. How does your skin feel when you wake up in the
  2. How about halfway through the day?
  3. What do your pores look like?
  4. What is your least favorite season for your skin?
  5. What one skin care item do you always carry with you?

You’ll be surprised to find that just knowing the answers to these five questions you will be able to determine your skin type.

I know that I have combination skin.

You may have dry skin. Especially if winter is your least favorite season.

Winter already dries out our skin so if you’re feeling extra extra dry then you probably have dry skin.

The worst part of the day for me is 2pm!

That’s when the sun is hottest (regardless of the season).

If you’re not too sure about how your pores feel then they’re probably always clogged – which is a very good indicator that you have extremely oily skin.

I remember one summer someone asking me about my pores. I looked at them puzzled.

That should have been a sign for me. But I didn’t notice.

Question 5 may seem a little odd but I’m willing to bet that if you’re like me you either always carry oil blotters OR powder!

Why? Because you get a little shine on your face from the oil build up!


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      I’ve used Mary Kay for years, and absolutely love it!

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        I have to say that they have some great skin care. Glad you’re a happy customer Ruth!

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