How to Get 1 Lead a Day For your Business?


Every Business wants new leads right?

I don’t know a single business owner who says,

I think I have enough customers.

If you know one that he’s probably ready to retire from the business or hand it over to his children.

But leads are effectively the life line of your business.

Without leads your business will die pretty quickly.

Unless of course you’re really really really really good at selling to your business’ current customers.

I’m pretty sure no one is that good.

Well except Apple.

Focusing on selling to your existing customers is another business strategy that we’ll discuss later.

It is actually one of the best ways to ensure you remain in business with the customers that you have.  (more on this)

But if you wanted to get just one new prospective customer a day what would that look like.

Now let’s imagine a store front in a mall for example.

They get leads everyday right?

People walk into their store, they browse and then they leave.

Is that considered a lead?

Well of course not!

You don’t know who they are or what they are interested in.

If by some form of technology you were able to capture their information and their interest

wouldn’t that be the best opportunity you can find.

Well we haven’t reached the stage of using bio-metrics on products we’re selling to collect customers information.

Besides that may cause a privacy issue.


But what you want is someone to willingly come up to your counter and say

“Hi my name is Jane, here is my phone number and email address.

I’m interested in that clock over there and other stuff like it”


Wouldn’t that be fantastic if every customer that walked into your store did that!

Of course it will.

Because now you have a way of selling to this person until they decide they don’t want to hear from you again.

As I mentioned earlier – we will discuss a similar method of how this can be done with existing customers – but back to our 1 lead a day.


So how can this be done now?

Well I think you know where I’m heading.

You naturally have to move towards a place where getting that kind of information from people is easy.

It’s called the INTERNET. (Don’t be afraid of it. You’re already on it) lol

If a person is interested in building online businesses then you need to make it easy for them to give you their information to find out more.

If a person is interested in network marketing as a business, then you need to make it easy for them to learn more.

If a person is interested in buying art, then you need to make it easy for them to find out where to get more art.

It’s really that simple.

lead-managementOne lead a day just takes putting a form in front of your audience.

It’s like long ago when you had to stand outside the grocery with those info card asking people to submit their name for a chance to win a prize.


What do you think you were suppose to do with those leads!

Market to them silly.

If you can talk to people, you can get one lead a day.

If you can communicate with people, you can get one lead a day.

If you want one lead a day, you need to show up everyday.

You can’t say – Ok I placed the form on the internet!

You have to drive people to that form.

Generating leads is code for building a list. (more on that right here).


You need to show your form to you audience many times a day.

That is what generates one lead a day.

Not sitting at your computer, or sitting in your store at the cash register.

Action, strategic, targeted action is what gets one lead a day.

To learn more about attracting leads visit this page.




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    • Elisabeth

      You had me cracking up when you were talking about products somehow gathering the information directly from the prospects (that would kind of rock in a creepy, big brother sort of way, though).

      I’m finding this to be one of the most difficult aspects. I think I have a decent giveaway and I have gotten a couple of signups in the past couple of weeks… but I need to improve the process. Thanks for the article, I’ll be clicking through!

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