Hind Sight is 20/20


So I was talking to a fellow business owner about some of new marketing strategies that I have learned over the last few months and he made a comment that made it seem like this stuff was common sense.

I had to say well yes it is! That’s why no one knows about it!

I was relating to him an incident that happened some years ago.

I was a vendor in one those bazaar type events and I had all my products out in a very lovely and professional display.
And people will pass by and watch, smile and then move on.
Some will stop and pick up items, look at them, smile and move on.

You see I thought I was doing everything correctly.
I had all the product information out there, I had all the prices out there, I everything displayed correctly and I even had sign up forms for individual consultations.

Not one lead, not one sale, Nothing.

Now I used to do these type of events at least three times a year.

First to begin I was a little shy, and the people I did speak to it seemed I didn’t have the right answers for them.

You see they kept asking this question that I just did NOT have the answer to.

“What is this going to do for me?”

I wasn’t getting it. I couldn’t understand why they would ask that.

Then Elite Marketing Pro came along and taught me something that seems to be plain ole’ common sense!

You have to solve people’s problems.

That’s what all these potential customers were in effect asking me.

But they won’t telling me their problem. I had to know what their problem was and then present that problem to them.

I had to shine the big bright light on their “big hairy audacious” problem and then after they recognized that problem present them with the solution of my product.

Oh it has really taken a long time to figure that out but it’s amazing how effective that type of marketing is.

People aren’t just going to BUY from you.

You have to show them that you know what their problem is.

And better than that once you show them you know what their problem is you better have a really good solution!

So one can say now that I’ve learned this fact and have been able to internalize it it seems like common sense.

Not every business person understands that.

But I hope you now do.

Have a wonderful day!



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