You’re in a mall and walking around. 

Something catches your eye in a store’s window.

You walk into the store, browse a bit, find something you like, go to the cashier and make a purchase leaving with a smile. 

You entered that store because something interested you and you wanted to see more. When you found what you wanted, you bought it. 

Essentially, you’ve taken part in what’s commonly called a sales funnel. 

Think about those funnels you used in science class. They were big at the top and tapered into a narrow opening at the bottom. Similarly, a sales funnel starts with attracting a lot of people, but a small portion of them become paying customers.

Creating a strong sales funnel is all about learning how to attract the bulk of your target audience and then enticing them enough so that they are willing to purchase your products or services. You can read more about how to build an effective sales funnel by reading this article

For now, we’re focusing on how social media can help you attract the bulk of your target audience at the top end of the sales funnel. 

Image Source: Suzanne Perkins

Social Media Creates the Environment for People to SEE You

Social media provides the perfect platform for building brand awareness. You want people to get to know the story behind your brand, what makes it truly unique and the poignant ideas you have to share about common problems they face.  Your brand is more than a product; it’s a reflection of you and the amazing people who help you put things together. 

“Businesses can no longer afford to be faceless entities. [They] must connect with audiences, pull at their heartstrings and engage with them on a much deeper level than seen before.” ~Celinne Da Costa

Social Media Is More Than Engagement

Social media isn’t restricted to brand awareness. Neil Patel describes a non-traditional circular sales “funnel” created by McKinsey and Company

Image Source: McKinsey and Company

By this reasoning, consumers make decisions through a process of elimination and they consult their preferred brands at the moment they’re ready to make a purchase. Therefore, leveraging social media to make the best use of the sales funnel requires capitalizing on the benefits the social media platform provides at each stage of the funnel.

Neil Patel describes how social media can be used at each stage of the traditional sales funnel as follows:

  1. Awareness: One of your existing followers shares your blog post or tags you in an Instagram post. One of this person’s friends sees the post, likes it and then likes your page. 
  2. Familiarity: This new follower begins commenting on your blog posts and/or social media posts. You respond to these comments thus showing the human element of your brand.
  3. Consideration: The follower begins asking questions in your product and tagging you when asking questions related to what you offer.
  4. Purchase: You leverage the product store options on your social media page so that people can buy directly from your social media pages rather than exclusively through your website. 
  5. Loyalty: The follower continues to follow your social media pages, sends you direct messages and even recommends your product or service to others. 

Hiring a Social Media Manager Makes It Easier

A strong sales funnel has several components that must be carefully monitored for the best ROI. Take the time to understand the customer’s decision-making process as described by McKinsey and Company

Use this knowledge to hire the right social media manager who can make good use of the traditional sales funnel. Let me help you leverage the power of social media for your sales funnel. Schedule your personalized strategy session by clicking here


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