Avon is one of the largest network marketing companies.

The company has generated billions of dollars in revenue over the past 134 years.


There are over 5,000,000 Avon distributors globally. They are Avon’s secret weapon.

And it’s a win-win situation. 

A network of distributors (affiliates) helps create somewhat of a mini-franchise business. They sell products and Avon’s profits shoot through the roof. This demonstrates network marketing, also called multi-level marketing, at its core.

However, not everyone is meant to be an Avon distributor. In fact, there are more than 100 multi-level marketing marketing company options. With so many options, it’s not unusual to wonder, “Which network marketing company is right for me?” 

These three questions will help you make the right decision. 

Does the Company Have a Legitimate, Well-Supported Product?

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Products form the focal point of network marketing. You should only join a network marketing company if it sells a product you believe in and has a proven track record of sales. 

Believing in the product makes it easier for you to sell it and influence people to join your network. Additionally, a company which has the right framework to support the product has a track record of sales and strong distribution channels.

Are You Allowed to Have Multiple Income Streams?

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Some network marketing companies have strict policies on how you earn income. For instance, a company may stipulate that you can only be a distributor or affiliate for their company and no other. Others may indicate that you cannot assume higher roles, such as trainer, in the networking pyramid. You want to be a part of a reputable network marketing company which facilitates multiple income streams. 

Are Training Opportunities Offered?

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Sales and networking are two important skills an affiliate (or distributor) should possess. These are skills which can be learnt through experience. However, they are best learnt through training programs within the organisation. 

A strong network marketing company offers mentorship and training opportunities to help all affiliates succeed. They understand that the success of these key stakeholders has a domino effect on the company’s financial performance. Training is a worthwhile investment. 

Final Words

Network marketing can be a lucrative income source. Avon may not be the right company for you,or Mary Kay, or Amway but choosing from the hundreds of other options  means paying keen attention to the products, distribution channels, contract flexibility and training opportunities.  

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