Have you ever known anyone who went from making $23,000 in a year to making $23,000 in an hour?

Well I know quite a few of those people.

You’re probably wondering how in the name of all that is Holy anyone can make and annual income in an hour? hilary_and_Ferny
The simple answer – it’s all in the marketing and the value.
Value is an amazing thing.
Hilary and RayHigdon
A word that you’ve probably heard thrown around a million times a day.
Give value,
Provide value
I remember watching a video online and the guy just kept talking about value.
Someone down in the comments section asked?
So what is value? …….. No answer.
That question was asked maybe about two months ago.
Still today…. no answer.
Because a lot of people talk about value but they don’t really know what value is.
If I tell you tonight I’m jumping on a webinar and I’m going to be training you on how to make your annual income your monthly income —- That’s Valuable.
But maybe not to someone else.
The information that you provide to people in order for them to move from point A to point B is what we call value.
So down to how you can make your annual income your monthly income.
I mentioned one a little earlier but here’s the list.
  1. Host Webinars
  2. Promote Other people’s products 
  3. Promote Your Own Products 
  4. Build your List continuously 
I’m going to start in reverse order

Build Your List Continuously 


Marketing is all about generating leads. (Ray Higdon)
That’s it. We market our business for no other reason than to generate leads.
Without leads we have no one to sell to.
If you don’t agree with me then you’re one of those people who like to waste marketing spend in a company doing crap!
Every marketing effort should lead to a sale…..
A statement you can possibly agree with.
But marketing isn’t about the immediate sale. That’s what we call promotion.
Marketing is about getting the ducks in line, putting everything in place to be able to promote.
You can’t promote to no-one.
So build your list.
Here are a the basic steps for building your list.

Step 1. Pgrowth_knowledgerovide Value (doesn’t have to be huge) 

Step 2. Drive them to a Capture Page 

Step 3. Promise them some more value so that they opt-in 

Step 4. Give them the Value you promised 

Step 5. Continue to give Value until they buy something from you

Step 6. Continue to provide Value until they buy again 

If you get this simple concept into your head you’ll be building a list in no time!

Promote Your Own Products 


Whether you have hard good to sell or information products to sell, the highest margins you’ll ever have comes from selling your own products.
Now I don’t mean you’re an affiliate or representative of a company and you sell their products.
That’s the promoting other people’s products section below.
I’m talking about things you create.
There’s this  young lady living in Trinidad. She needed to get special hair products for her hair that were all natural.
She couldn’t find any so, she went into her kitchen and starting mixing things together and testing it on her own hair.
She tracked the results, and then started measuring quantities and all sorts of other cool things.
Ten years later she has three stores and is thinking of franchising.
That’s what I mean by promote your own products.
You create them, you market them then you promote them.
Now for you biz opp people out there you’re probably wondering what can I create?
Well it’s simple.
You create information.
Information is everywhere and most people just don’t know where to find it or are too lazy to be bothered to sort through it all.
Your job is the compile and sell!
Simple enough right?
Well product creation isn’t all that simple but Mark Hooverson breaks it down inside the Elite Marketing Pro’s back office. (only at the VIP level though)

Promote other People’s Products


So here is where many people get started and then get stuck or drop out of the game.
You’re an affiliate for a company like Elite Marketing Pro or Amway for example.
The company provides products for you to sell.
Most times you have to buy the products first.
With affiliate marketing like Elite Marketing Pro that isn’t the case.
You just pay a membership fee and you can sell whatever products they have to offer.
With network marketing everything you sell you have to buy first.
Which when you think about it is no different to the retail industry.
In fact it can be argued that all network marketing is, is really a home based retail industry. (but that’s just my opinion)
So you sell other people’s stuff and you make a profit.
Your margin’s are always going to be higher with information than with physical products (trust me. I’ve lived both scenarios).
Then there’s the biggy!
The one that really gets that annual income turning into your hourly income!

Host Webinars

The most lucrative form of making any income online in a short space of time.
That’s assuming you’re above average on webinar attendance rates.
Every other method I’ve discussed so far are all things your set up and let run continuously.
Realistically if someone were to watch a video you did promoting Elite Marketing Pro and they decided to buy,
and  say someone did that every hour you can easily see how your revenues will increase exponentially.
Take that one person multiply them by five people.
You see where we’re going with each of these.
But a webinar is LIVE!
You invite people to attend at a specific time.
You present a lot of VALUE.
Information, training that they need to get ahead in their business, in their life, in their marriage, whatever the case may be.
But you keep telling them you can not possibly teach them everything in a one hour webinar.
So you’re building the expectation that there is more to learn from you.
Then you offer them that more in the form of a product or service that has a price tag.
Say 50% of the people who attended buy immediately. (stats may vary check out this article for more info on that)
That same night!
After your webinar you follow up with people.
Some buy at that point in time.
But the neat thing is that with a proper webinar indoctrination series you can have people buying before they even get onto the webinar.
Now that’s a very advanced strategy. Elite Marketing Pro leaders have taught this in closed room training session at the Acceleration level.
That’s for when you’re ready.
But the moral of the story is……..
In one hour you can make more sales than you make in a month, in a year.
What you decided to sell on the webinar is your choice.

Final Thoughts 

So the process isn’t that hard to conceptualize.
But you’re sitting there reading this thinking,
“easier said than done”
And it’s true.
You’re not going to have all the pieces to this puzzle over night.
It takes time, it takes alot of training and education on your part and it takes a lot of patience.
When you do your first webinar you may make one sale.
Most make zero because the delivery of the webinar just sucked!
But having the pieces of the puzzle is most important.
You must:
1. Grow your List
2. Have something to sell (whether it’s your products or a company’s products)
3. Host webinars giving tons of VALUE
Let me hear your comments below.
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Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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