How to Start Writing Good Copy?

So before you ever start to write anything

you want to know who you’re writing to.

Today we’re going to cover

what the experts say are the three  essential questions you need to answer

Before your fingers EVER hit the keyboard to start writing a THING!


I’ve actually used these techniques in writing my books,

in writing emails,

in sending out promotions

and I can tell you that it is something that can be easily overlooked.

But when utilized properly you will find words flowing far EASIER than ever before.

It also keeps you very focused in your writing this way you don’t get side tracked with trying to serve too many masters.

So the first question you always always want to ask before starting to write is –

  1. Who’s the prospect?

Some circles say – Who’s the audience?

Regardless of what you call it –

you want to imagine you’re writing to one person in particular and only that person.

So you need to imagine who they are;

what age group they belong to;

what’s their current profession;

what business they are in;

why would they be looking at your site.

The why they will be looking at your site actually answers or begins to answer the second question which is

2.  What is their problem?

Everyone has a problem unless they wouldn’t be on the internet searching websites looking for a solution.

But what is that solution?

Now a lot of people aren’t actively looking for solutions,

but when they do come across something on the web that grabs their attention it’s usually because

something about that page,



or video reminds them of their problem.

It says to them – Hey that’s me!

So people relate to different content on the web differently.

You as the writer, the blogger, the “how to” video maker has to know specifically what problem you are trying to reach this person with.

And then finally…… the last question before you start writing…….

3.  What are you offering to solve the problem?

You have to know the solution inside out.

If the person’s problem is that they don’t know have a clue how to start writing a sales letter

then your solution is – here are three ways to get you started writing a sales letter.

It’s that simple.

Then of course you go through those three ways to ensure they understand.

Remember we’re in the business of problem solving. If you’re not solving problems then you’re probably not making any money.

Got it?

So before you start writing anything remember these three steps:

  1. Who’s the prospect?

  2. What’s the problem?

  3. What’s the solution you have to offer?

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