Influence? That again?



Yup! You know that in order to get people into your business, into your system or to buy your offer you actually have to influence them to do just that. But as we’ve said before

“no one likes to be sold and but everyone likes to buy”.

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As a woman I always get a little high when I purchase items.

For example yesterday I went to Kohl’s with the family,  not looking for anything in particular.

Then I saw this amazing top!

It was  a little different, cool and casual and I thought to myself, “I want to get that top”

I asked my husband to get the top off the hook so that I can look at the price tag.

When I saw $60.00 I said, “Hell no I’m not paying 60 bucks for that!”

So I moved on…

I came back to that section and I saw some other tops “ON SALE”.

I happened to glance up at the same top and this time I saw the “ON SALE” banner.

Apparently they didn’t have one posted on the side where I originally saw the top.

So now that I knew the top was “ON SALE” I said! “Yay, I’m getting the top.”

It really didn’t matter what the sale price was but once I knew I that wasn’t going to be paying $60.00 for the top I was happy.

I walked out of Kohl’s with 6 tops and spent $117.00.

Not bad for someone who did not go out to do any shopping?

But you see there’s always a process to buying and if you read what I’m telling you carefully will see that process.

Your job in the marketing of your business is to influence the potential buyer to do just that BUY.

So what is one of the first ways that you can influence people to buy from you!


Make Connections

Well the first is to make a connection.

And how would you make a connection with other people.

Well you’re human right? (I would hope so if you’re reading this)

You have different experiences everyday right?

I just told you one of mine.

I went shopping.

Don’t you also go shopping not intending to buy anything and then you do?

Well that happened to me and I shared that with you.

Now if you never go out without the intention to shop then my experience may not have made a connection with you.

But this is precisely what you have to do with your prospects or potential buyers.

You have to make that connection in some form or fashion. Most times the connection comes from telling them some part of your story which is in effect your life.

If you’re talking to someone about a business opportunity then you want to share that part of your story that made you decide to start this company.

You want to tell them that you’re doing this business to be able to send your kids to private catholic school or because you want to spend more time with them and see them grow up.

That’s why I started my own online business.

I realized quite early in my life thankfully,

that having an 8-4 or 9-5 is not going to be able to get me what I want to get in life, which is effectively more time with my family and more money in my bank account!

What you will learn in the coming days are the fundamentals of the Seven Immutable Laws of Influence which,

I learned from my friend and mentor Tim Erway, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of Elite Marketing Pro, on a webinar hosted by What’s Working Now.


What connections do you think you can make today?

Comment below.

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