Innovators vs Marketers

In Network Marketing you don’t really have to create anything.

You already have a business model designed for you, you already have a product and you already have most of the tools you need.

But what you don’t have is a good way to market yourself to get people to join you and sell your products.

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I was listening to the audio version of Rich Dad, Poor Dad the other day.

I can’t remember the chapter in the book but it’s not really that important,

what important is when Robert Kiyosaki was relating a story about a journalist who wanted to become an author.

He gave her the advice of going and learning how to sell.

She scoffed at his advice because she thought with a Master’s degree, SALES was beneath her.

He gently tried to show her that although he didn’t have a Master’s degree on top of HIS book were the words, “BEST SELLING AUTHOR

The key word being selling!

She scoffed again and left  his “presence”

As Network Marketers you have to know what “selling” is all about.

You have to learn it and not just learn what to say, or do you have to learn the psychology behind selling!

To be honest it’s easy and it’s not at the same time.

What will separate you as a marketer from an innovator is the fact that you’re willing to learn a new skill to get the product or service out there.

Innovators have a great idea and have NO clue how to get their stuff out to the wider world.

Like that journalist who had ideas in her head, she probably had an excellent book written but no one to buy it because she didn’t want to learn the skill of marketing and selling.

I will encourage any network marketer to learn marketing.

That’s the business you’re in.

If you think as a network marketer you’re in the business of soap,

or make up

or skin care

or jewelry.

I’m here to tell you that you are sorely mistaken.


Your business is Marketing. Network Marketing to be exact.


It has nothing to do with your product.

The faster you accept that little fact the further along you will go in your network marketing career.


Take myself for example.


I’m an engineer.

I know nothing about marketing.

It occurred to me just like Robert pointed out to this girl – that marketing is essential for goods to move.

I thought about that for a minute.

I remembered the saying,

“no one ever knew they needed an iPhone until they were told they needed it”


That was the power of good marketing.


So you need to decide as a network marketer are you going to be like Apple and tell people they need an iPhone and market the crap out of people’s

needs and desires for what the iPhone can offer?

OR are you going to do what other unsuccessful network marketing professionals do?


The choice is yours .


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