June Spotlight Friday:  Andrew Draughon

The First Friday of the month has come to be known on this blog as the “Spotlight” Friday.

Every month I take a moment to recognize and thank in a special way those leaders in the online marketing business, who have been helpful in my business.

One such leader who I will be meeting in person for the first time at No Excuses Summit this year is Andrew Draughon.


Andrew is the Editor and creator of the What’s Working Now Magazine.


It’s a magazine all about what is actually working now for top entrepreneurs.

And for those who have ever tried to manage a magazine you know the monumental task that he has every month trying to get this out.

Being an editor is not an easy job as he shared some time back on one of our Elite Marketing Pro training.

But the reality is that when you’re in this business nothing is really easy.

You just start to get better at it.


One thing that Andrew is absolute a pro at is coaching someone to do what they should do.

Particularly with email.

I remember when I was first trying to get an email out to my list, I had to tweak a few things.


Andrew put it out there to the entire community to offer to edit your email.

So I took him up on the offer!

I didn’t realize I would get a response.

I didn’t even realize he would continue to coach me until I got it just right!


And all this for no other reason that we’re in the Elite Marketing Pro community and he sees it as his “job” to help the affiliates.

It’s because of leaders like him that I’ve realized what truly matters in this business.

He also shared on a recent 29 Minute Hangout with Chef Doug and Chef Katrina a very interesting fact.


I’m not quoting here, but he said that after he attended No Excuses Summit one year, he realized that he was just fooling around!

He realized that he had a potential in him to do something he was truly passionate about.

And he took a chance.

I related to Andrew because he came from the construction industry.

For those who don’t know I’m an engineer.

I never thought I’d be able to write a thing.


Who would think that a guy in construction would one day become the Editor of an online magazine!

You see Andrew is the type of everyday guy that has done extra-ordinary things.

And I’m really glad that I’ve had the opportunity to work with him.


I’m even more excited that I will be able to meet him in a few  weeks at No Excuses Summit.



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