Life does happen

One of the worse experiences for any mother is watching their child suffer and you don’t know what to do.

OliviaonIV I had that experience this past Sunday.

Our baby girl got food poisoning and threw up over 10 times between 10 am and 2 pm.

It was truly a frightening experiencing for me because I just didn’t know what to do.

I was watching her choking on her puke and started to panic.

My husband to come quickly and tap her hard and firm on the back.

I was in tears.

I really didn’t know what to do and I froze. I know as a mother your biggest concern is doing the right thing for your children.

But sometimes we don’t know everything.

This Sunday I was so grateful for my husband who did know what to do.

I was so grateful that he was there to take over from the very lost first time mother.

We always want the best for our children but we don’t always know why.

When I posted the above picture on Facebook Sunday afternoon it was after all the scary blue lips, and the watching of the little 9kg body shake from throwing up, and watching her look as if she was going limp in my arms.

When I posted the above picture on Facebook Sunday afternoon, the WORSE was actually over.

She was being re-hydrated and was resting comfortably, albeit in a hospital.

I guess we can say the worse was over for me – she still had some recovery to do.

When situations grab us to the point of being overwhelmed we tend to freeze up.

What I realized on Sunday is being overwhelmed can actually cost someone’s life. As I share in the below video.


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So It’s not good to remain in a state of being overwhelmed.

Get over yourself and just ACT.

I know the mothers out there will agree with me.

Sometimes you don’t have time to stop and think and plan and rethink and stop and plan and debate……

Not when your child is choking on vomit!

You need to act.

Sunday I learned a new degree of action.

And just like in your home based business,

you don’t want to spend too much time debating, rethinking, or being OVERWHELMED.

If you take ACTION, you’ll figure out what next needs to be done,

What next needs to be corrected.

The first action I took Sunday was calling the Doctor,

who told us get her to the hospital immediately!

We did just that.

We took decisive Action Which probably saved our baby girl’s life.

I’ve heard of many horrible stories where children die because of dehydration after throwing up too many times.

Our Action made a difference.

And I’m only sharing this with you because of the lesson I learned that I shared in the video above.

Being overwhelmed is never a good thing.

It causes you to freeze dead in your tracks and cease to be active, which is the last thing you want in your business.

Action regardless of what situation you find yourself in is absolutely critical.

I hope you found inspiration from this post.

Talk to you soon.

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