Marketing Moms Trinidad – The Sales Funnel

Are you a sucker for a good sales letter?

Do you find yourself always hitting that BUY NOW button every time  you watch a sales video?

Do you think you would want to know what it’s like to be on the other side of that sales letter?

I mean.

Do you want to be the one with that captivating Sales letter!


Well one thing that I’ve learned is that the only way someone is going to ever see your sales letter,

is if you have a compelling SALES funnel.


What’s a Sales Funnel

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time we discuss this.


If you don’t have a sales funnel, then you’re not in business.

Recently I visited a business owner who described to me their current advertising operations etc.

Before he was finished I knew what his problem was.

That’s because I understand the sales funnel concept.

Now if you’re in a brick and mortar business, you may get this a lot faster.

Translating the sales funnel to the online world always seems to catch people off guard.

But trust me when I say the principles are the same.

It’s just that in a brick and mortar store you don’t easily recognize the steps and components.

 Marketing Moms Trinidad explains a sales funnel

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My business partner and I on our Marketing Moms Trinidad weekly hangouts discussed this whole sales funnel thing.

Now we’re moms, so we do a lot of shopping.

And yes moms need to watch out for the “traps” that sales funnels can leave behind.

Which is why we thought it will be a good idea to explain this to you from the perspective of going shopping.


Everyone has been through a store.

Everyone knows what the buying process is like.

You go into a store to buy X and you walk out with X,Y,Z, A and B

Don’t worry you’re not the first person this happened to nor will it be your last.

(unless of course you have a really strong will power) .


So as a business person – and specifically in the online business

you want to be able to have that effect in your own business.

You want customers coming to your site and become happy customers.

Which effectively means more sales for you.


Components of an Effective Sales funnel


So you’re probably sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for what are these components.

We did explain this in great deal in the video apart but here’s the cheat sheet!

  1. Capture Page
  2. Auto-responder to Lead List
  3. Your Offer
  4. Auto-responder to Customer List
  5. Success or Thank you page

For the next few weeks we’ll be going into detail on each component.

But for now you need to know this is the skeleton of what a good sales funnel will look like.

If you notice there are two follow up components.

That doesn’t mean that you just follow up twice.

What it means is that you must have a mechanism in place to follow up with leads and customers in order to boost sales!

Learn more about Creating the Ulitmate Sales Funnel.


 I’m Hilary De Freitas

Online Marketer, Operational Nerd and Mom


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