No Excuses Summit Takeaway:

The Power of your Story



I heard a story two weekends ago that blew my mind.

I won’t tell you the story but it blew my mind.

I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the story as effectively as the person giving it because it’s not MY story.

But this person’s story was so powerful that it stirred every emotion inside of me.

I was motivated,

I was brought to tears,

I was excited,

I was rooting for the person and

I even questioned myself.

You see this person’s story took me on a roller-coaster of emotion that I didn’t even realize I was on until the story was over.

Don’t ask me for any facts from the story – I can’t remember them.

No don’t ask me about dates and time and locations – I can’t remember them.

What I remember is how this lady made me feel while she stood on stage miles away in Las Vegas at the No Excuses Summit

while I sat in front of my computer and watched through a live stream channel.

Her story did a few things for me.

  1. It made me interested in her.

  2. It made me respect her

  3. It made me trust her

  4. It aroused a desire in me to go after what she had accomplished and

  5. Finally … It made me believe I can do it.

Now I’m not telling you to go out there and write a story to tell people about yourself that will do these five things.

You’re probably not going to be successful.

Telling your story is an art that very trained mentors like mine Tim Erway go through with their clients one-on-one in order to achieve.

At the end of the day your story is just you!

So what you need to remember is that not everyone is going to be interested in you! And that is fine.

The biggest lie you’ve ever been told in your MLM business is that you can have “ANYONE” on your team.

Would you be working on MLM if you wanted anyone on your team?

NO! you’d just go to work right?

So not everyone is going to be interested or care about you or what you have to say –

That’s ok!

Don’t sweat it.

What to share in your story

People need to respect you – if you have results share them.

Be proud of your small accomplishments.

You don’t have to tell people you made 6 figures in one month after starting this business.

Their success does not depend on you – it depends on them.

What they depend on is your ability to train and help them, not make the money for them.

People buy from those they trust.

If you’re a mother with two small children are you going to take advice from a single man or another mother with small children who’s doing this business.

I’m not saying you have to be exactly like the person who you’re promoting to – but trust goes a long way in any business relationship.

You figure out how you’re going to get people to trust you.


We all have a hidden desire in us to be more than we can be –

but our jobs, family; friends have made those things, those dreams, goals and aspirations a little unclear for us.

We very often have to see and share with someone their deepest darkest moments and see them come through it to reignite our own dreams and desires.


When you see someone who you connect with doing exactly what you know you want – then comes the belief!

You get that ah ha moment striking you and you’re ready to do whatever it is that this person is doing because you believe in your heart of hearts that this is for you.

You sit and watch this person who resonates with you,

maybe they have the same background,

they have kids the same age as your kids,

maybe you went to the same college but never met each other;

the point is this person who is talking to you from a stage or a page is almost telling you that you can!

And you believe them!


That’s the power of YOUR story.


So what’s your story going to be from this day forward?

You have to start with a dream, but the only way dreams become reality is by taking MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION.

It starts with one choice. So what’s your story going to be?

Begin your story today with the same training I have received.








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