Your Network Marketing Company is Lying To You


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If you are like me and have been in network marketing for some time you probably are coming to understand the wisdom in the phrase “Leadership and Marketing sell products and build down lines.”

You’ve probably come to this wisdom because you’ve been doing your business wrong for the last 3, 4, 5 maybe 10 years and you’ve had enough.

First of all I want to congratulate you for “having had enough”.

You’re ready now to start earning money.

You’ve decided that you no longer want to be called INSANE.

Yes insane – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Why do I say that Leadership and Marketing sell products and build downlines?

You’ve probably heard me say it before – marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

No one on this planet knew they needed an iPOD until the marketers told them they needed.


Marketing is a very powerful tool that works at the psychological make up of human beings.

It taps into the reasons people buy. (by the way there are some good reasons people buy).

When you market a product or system properly it sells itself.

You know when people say “The product is so great it sells itself”

Well what they really mean to say is, “the marketing system we have in place for this product is so great that it sells the product for you.”

No product is so great that it sells itself. Sorry your MLM’s product all by itself really sucks!

No offense.

It’s either too expensive, not good quality, is not really healthy for you, it is NOT really the only way you can do ….. (whatever it claims to do).

And here’s another secret. The way your network marketing company told you to market your  business IS NOT THE ONLY WAY.

Sure you can go out there and write that list of 100 people and hope that someone joins you within the first two weeks that your upline is going to care about you.

Sure you can attend every weekly meeting and bring as many guests as you can.

What happens when you run out of people you know?

By then you’re too afraid to start asking people you don’t know to come and see the presentation that your upline is doing every week and then you quit! But guess what?

Your upline has your entire List of 100 people that you wrote down within those first two weeks.

Today I want you to think about the character traits that make an employee climb the corporate ladder.

I’m not talking about those people who know someone and that’s how they get promoted.

I’m talking about those who EARN promotions.

Think about what they do or did. They began to stand out, they began to do more than was required. They in essence became leaders.

Now come back to your network marketing opportunity.

You have joined and you have an upline – who either doesn’t know how to recruit people and doesn’t care about whether you can recruit people or not.

You join this business because you either trusted or respected the person who told you about it.

Now nothing against the person who brought you in, but they are busy trying to build their business.

So they really don’t have time to show you the ropes.

They just tell you do what I do.

Which is host classes, “put the product on their face”, and talk to people about the opportunity.

You’re a trooper so you do this for three months!

You’re a social animal so you have more than 100 people you can talk to about this opportunity.

You’ve put product on faces, you’ve talked to people about the opportunity.

You’ve sold some product but haven’t gotten any re-orders.

You’ve spent about $3000 in inventory, you’ve made $300 in sales and you’ve recruited no-one.

It’s six months in.

You quit!

You quit because no one taught you how to market.

You quit because no one explained to you the reasons for doing what you were doing.

Now people can and do make money in network marketing.

But what I have learned is that it takes time.

Like anything else that is worth having, it takes time and serious effort.

I would almost say you have to re-program yourself in order to be successful at network marketing.

When I started using Elite Marketing Pro to build my network marketing company I really wasn’t too sure where I was heading, but then I realized that I was getting a marketing degree for the price of $2000!!!!

This is exactly what I needed. I needed a system to train me in the art of marketing so that I can really make money in my network marketing company.

This week I said I was going to share why it is that so many people fail. Today I’ve shared with you one of those reasons – Your upline just doesn’t know or doesn’t care about teaching you how to market.

Stay tuned for more.

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