After watching the video below you may not need to read my words,

but I shall type anyway.

Having been “at it” for more than 12 months you’re probably wondering if I’m going to give up.

Going to a live event like No Excuses was a very emotional ordeal.

You have to purchase plane tickets in lieu of a new outfit for your 2 year old who you’re thinking could use those 18 month clothes a little longer because she’s a small one!












You have to set aside money for the hotel room – which by the way you’re sharing with people you haven’t really met except for online –  to make the cost manageable.

You have to take ridiculously timed flights so that you don’t stay away from the family for too long.

But getting there is all worth it.

Getting to No Excuses was all worth it……..

Because as you take your seat and the CEO of Elite Marketing Pro takes the stage he opens with these words,

“I want to congratulate you for making it here!”

He tells you that the watch words for this event is

[Tweet “”Educate, Inspire and Empower” “]


It’s almost like the world behind you disappeared.

Every little challenge you faced to get to this No Excuses Summit has gone and …..

You are ready.

Your cup has been emptied and you are ready to learn, absorb, and literally transcend into the next leader.


He asked that we be coach-able during the weekend.

I’ve been there – it was my first year of college – in Trinidad we study college level mathematics in high school.

It’s pretty normal. Things that college juniors are learning I did in high school.

So when I got to college I decided I already knew all of that and I decided to skip that class.

I got a C and had to retake the class.

Tim Erway
Hilary DeFreitas and Tim Erway

So when Tim told us to be coach-able, be teachable, I knew exactly what he meant.


Yes you may be doing this business for a while,

Yes you may be earning more money than some of the speakers,

but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two.


And I took that to heart.


I could have said when I started with Elite Marketing Pro that ….

I have an MBA what the HELL could Tim Erway teach me about business?

But I didn’t, I put my email into that box and said, “Yes Tim, I’m ready to learn from you who has run several 7 figure businesses.”

I said “Yes Tim I want to use your system to start my online empire.”

And So I did.


And I’ve never looked back.

Like I said in this video.

Don’t look back once you’ve taken that step forward.

You need to succeed for the next success story to shine.


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Want to learn more about this system that Tim has been so passionate about?

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