No Excuses Summit Journal Begins! #NES6

So the day began almost the same way it ended.

With me worrying about everything that I needed to have ready for NES6.

Last night I was finishing up the last touches of my hair.

We finished just around 10pm and it looks great!


Don’t you think ?!?!?!











I’m sitting now waiting in the airport for my first flight. (I have two) .

And I decided that I’m going to share with you the experience.

So the worrying is all gone now and I’m just excited!!


As you already know last year I attended NES via live stream.

If you’re reading this on the day it’s published (June 17th 2015)

There is still time to join me NES6 live stream.



Trust me it will be the best $400 you’ve ever spent.


Last year I didn’t have the time or the money to get to Las Vegas.

This year I didn’t have the money or the time, but I decided that I’m jumping both feet in and going anyway!



So here I am sitting in an airport typing this blog post to you because I want you to share in this experience.


If you’ve been wondering what makes crazy people like me jump on a plane and fly thousands of miles to learn from the best, brightest and dare I say the wealthiest in this industry?

Because they are the BEST

They are the BRIGHTEST

and they have done pretty darn well financially speaking.

But it took me an entire year to get to this point.


It’s really funny because when I look back at this year I realize how far I’ve come.

And as I look around the team of people heading to Las Vegas with me I realize how far we have ALL come.


As my husband was driving me to the airport this morning we were chatting about his business and I told him,

“You know you need a capture page.”

He said, “Yes I know!”


Would I have even know what a capture page is, or even what it is used for if it wasn’t for Elite Marketing Pro and this event No Excuses Summit?!?!?

Hell No!


I would have had not a clue!

It’s just amazing what you can learn in a year’s time.

I’m still shocked and reeling at the fact that NES has allowed me to come so far.


I’m not a millionaire … YET!

But NES6 is going to be the event that will change all of that.


So stay tuned for the next few days as I update you on what’s happening in Las Vegas.

And remember if you really want to just see for yourself then join me on Live Stream. 

We can even get a chat going on my Facebook Fan Page so that you can stay in touch.


Catch up with you soon!










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