No Excuses Summit Takeaway: Who is your AVATAR



No Excuses Summit is one of those “conferences” where you get so much information that I actually believe that the only way you can solidify for yourself what you learned is by sharing it with others.

We had over 15 leaders in the online marketing industry sharing with us various tools, techniques and ninja tricks to getting more leads, more sales and building businesses that will allow you to live the life you want to live.

NES6Speakers_SundayBut it all starts with one person. It all starts somewhere.

The most powerful piece of information that I received from that Summit was that you need to know who your Avatar is!

Now if for some reason you’re a gamer and you came across this site you’re probably saying that I’m using the term incorrectly.

Well English is such that we use words to mean different things.

As an online marketer you are NOT marketing to everyone. If you are you will fail! Hands down.

I’ve been failing since 2001 because I was trying to sell and market to everyone who had skin!

So I learned that you can’t market to everyone, you can’t even market to a group of people, you actually have to market to one person.

One very specific person that you create in your mind that you want to be a part of your team.

To you this person is a singular person.

She has a name, a specific age (not a range), her hair colour is black, and it’s a little curly like tight curls.

Her eyes are dark brown (almost black).

She went to Brown College and obtained her Master’s degree in Engineering at Loyola University.


She works at Bank of America Headquarter in the IT department.

She’s the manager there is looking for a new job because it is too stressful and she often has to miss her kids’ games because she is always tied up in meetings.

The person you market to is not a category, or a group of people, or a concept.

The person you market to is a real person, with dreams and goals, worries and troubles, passions and desires, needs and problem.

The person you market to is probably the person you are today, or the person you were five years ago, or ten years ago.

The person you market to is in need of something that you have to offer.


Sit down tonight, today or whenever you’re reading this think about who’s problem are you solving.

If you can’t articulate that then your marketing will be all over the field – Just like Brazil when they played Germany a few days ago in the World Cup 2014 Semi-Final.

You don’t want to be like Brazil. So know who your Avatar is. Then go out there and talk to your Avatar every day.


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