No Excuses Takeaways – Every Pro was once a Student

No Excuses Summit continues to run through my mind as I think about all the pieces of training and inspiration I received while attending – via live stream Last year.

This year my tickets are already purchased!

One thing that was made ever so clear was that everyone in this business started at zero.

Everyone who was on stage at No Excuses began at the same starting line.

Some were in even in a hole.

No Excuses is one of those events where you really hear the struggles that the people on stage are sharing.

You get to talk to the founders of No Excuses (yes they are real people)

Sometimes we beginners think that we are disadvantaged because we don’t have what the pros have.

If you haven’t looked at Ferny’s Videos about his journey to creating No Excuses Summit then you need to do so right now.


I give you permission to leave this blog post right now.

And Go and watch those videos. 


You’re back?


Although I’m by no means a pro in this internet marketing business I can tell you that I have a lot more than some of the leaders in this industry.

For some of us we were yet born when some of these leaders just started their business.

For others we were probably now entering college and dreaming of a career in whatever field of study we were embarking upon.

For others we had already retired and couldn’t see ourselves sitting around the house doing nothing.

Regardless of your background, where you live, or what you’ve done – everyone person in the internet marketing world was a student before they became a pro.

Everyone of them started off knowing NOTHING.

I’m here to give you a little bit of advice.

If you’ve been sitting around your house saying you’re going to get this business off the ground today and tomorrow comes and you’ve done nothing you need to take a really good, long, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one question – Am I worth the freedom I desire?

If your answer is no then continue to do what you’ve always done.

If your answer is yes then you need to put aside every excuse in the book and start doing something differently TODAY.

As I said before – I am no expert or pro – but what I do know is that a few months ago I did not know the first thing about marketing (I’m an Engineer).

Now I know more than I did before I started.

All it takes is your decision to start.

Make a decision today like the pros did.

The pros made a decision to change their life and offered up no excuses to building their successful empires.

Today I challenge you to look in your mirror and ask yourself – “Am I worth the freedom I desire?”

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The answer has to be yes, because if the answer is no – then you have no desire to change where you are today.

Are you going to No Excuses Summit this year? Once you do you’ll have no problem answering YES!!!








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    • Jenay Green

      Very good article. Yes we do all start from nowhere and we do have to start doing something different. Thanks for the encouragement

      • Hilary

        Not a problem Jenay. Thanks for stopping by.

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