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I think I would have touched on a lot of these topics in the last few days, but they really all tie together.

Diane Hochman and Michelle Pescosolido shared a lot of inspiration and techniques that will help anyone looking to get started on social media.

One of the things that I remember crystal clear was the image they painted of the comparison between Apple and Samsung.

And Diane said it so effortlessly, “Samsung has the better phone!!!!, When you open an Apple you see Samsung Parts!!!!”


That may be the reality of the situation but do you see anyone lining up in a line that stretches for two city blocks waiting for the next Samsung phone to be released?

Well there is something about Apple –that something is that Steve Jobs managed to build a tribe of followers to Apple because he showed people who he was!

People don’t buy Apple products because of their technological advances. They buy Apple because of how it makes them feel!


Bottom line – Apple has used every marketing technique I know that taps into human psychology of marketing.

Whether you want to believe it or not, they have used these very tools that this blog teaches, on you!

That is of course if you have any apple products.

I love Samsung because I’m an Engineer.

There are few times I will make a purchase because of how I feel about it.

It’s usually based on some logic.

But the gurus will tell you that even this Engineer will buy based on emotion but I will JUSITFY my purchase based on logic!

Needless to say you are probably not going to have people waiting in a line that’s wrapped around an entire city block waiting for the next release of your Amway Soap Powder!

You’re probably not going to have people talking about AVON perfume for days before it is released on every social media channel.


And you’re probably never going to be the synonymous with a fruit, of any kind!

But it is possible to do what Steve Jobs did with Apple if you are willing to take the time to take care of the people you connect with;

if you are willing to share with them your story everyday;

if you are willing to open yourself and your life to them.

You have to be as real as the computer screen through which you’re reading this blog.

Steve Jobs opened himself to the world and the world connected with him!

He is the reason Apple has such a strong following.

And even after his death the following continues to grow because of the legacy he – Not the products – left behind.

If you’re ready to build a following, build a tribe the same way so many leaders around the world have done then make a decision today and open your eyes to your future tomorrow.


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