The last day of the No Excuses Summit (#NES5) conference

(if I can call such fun a conference) seemed to be less about the what’s and the how’s but more about the mindset you need to be in to be successful at this business.

You see No Excuses is named that so that people will break through of the mindset of ……

Having Excuses.


And just to clarify we’re not ONLY talking about network marketing, or even internet marketing. We are talking about BUSINESS.

We’re talking about the excuses that people have that will stop them from building ANY business.

So on the last day of No Excuses last year Diane Hochman (is the moderator for this year’s Expert Panel)


talked about what you need to remember about social media.

It’s all about having a conversation with someone.

We have got to remember that we’re in business with and for people.

[Tweet “We have got to remember that we’re in business with and for people. “]

The moment you forget to have a conversation, that’s when your social posts  start to loose their edge.


With every single social media post you should be imagining yourself sitting right next to that person in an office and shouting over the cubicle partition,

“Do you remember the time when…..”

Or “I think you will like this……”

Or “Hey how’s your day going do you need a …..”

People want interaction more than they want to know what you’re selling them.

To be quite frank, People don’t care about what you’re selling.

They want to know about YOU, before you sell them.

[Tweet “They want to know about YOU, before you sell them. “]


I had to explain that to a total stranger recently on a social media network, because I just thought he needed to know this.

I don’t care a thing about your opportunity, unless I know who YOU are.


If you’re using social media for your business

Which most people are doing now a days…..

….you really have to toe the line,

because we have to remember –

people want to buy, but people do not want to be sold.

[Tweet “people want to buy, but people do not want to be sold.”]

Diane reiterated what so many of the others speakers at No Excuses (NES5) spoke about – and that is –

remember PEOPLE are buying what you are selling.

If you focus on the people,

and what they like,

what they don’t like,

what their hobbies are,

what their family is like –

and make that connection and just talk to them.

They will come to you ready to buy once that connection has been made.

No Excuses Summit was a breakthrough for me in understanding these connections.

I can’t wait to meet these people in person this year!


Will you be there? 


I’m not asking – I’m telling you to share this post. More people need know this stuff!






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