I thought the answer to this was self-explanatory!

Truly I did!

But when you cross age 30 or even 40 you’re probably telling yourself I can teach myself everything I need to know about anything.

You’re almost finished paying off your student loans

For a degree that you have not used in the last 10 years

So you’re very reluctant to pay for any more “education”

And you don’t know what the results will be from this “education”.

I totally get that.

I was sitting exactly where you were. (minus the student loans).

I had something worse – the guilty feeling of knowing that my parents paid for all this education and now I’m not even using it.

They probably could have spent that money better. Put it aside for their retirement or something.

Needless to say

I was really hard pressed to fork out $10,000 to pay for personal one-on-one mentorship.

You’re probably wondering where did I get that kind of money.

Well bottom line is I knew nothing about this industry.

I knew nothing about the techniques or skills.

And after spending all kinds of money buying this $27 course and this $47 book

I decided why don’t I learn from the people who actually create these courses and books.

How much was your college education worth?

If you remember the total figure I want you to keep that in mind.

That’s a lot of money isn’t?

I thought to myself $10,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA that I have.

I thought to myself with this education I can put this to better use.


Because after this education I’m not going to be looking for a job to “fit” my education.

I’m taking my education and creating a “job” for myself.

I’m  the one who’s going to define my job description.

I am going to define my work hours.

I am going to define who I will “hire”, “fire” and work with as a team.

How much will this type of education be worth to me I thought.

I know you want to be very realistic.

You’re thinking

I have a monthly mortgage payment

Or maybe it’s rent

You have bills to pay

Loans to pay back

School Fees to pay

Baby sitter fees

You have school books to buy

Uniforms, shoes, lunch, food, clothes, art and craft items……..

And yes the list goes on and on………

Where will $10,000 materialize?

As my mother used to say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” .


“It does grow in people’s minds”

I’ve only recently come to realize the wisdom in this saying.

Your greatest asset is not your house, your car, your boat.

Your greatest asset is Your MIND.

Everything that you put into your mind can reap rewards of gold.

You just have to put the right things in.

Learning is Key to Wealth

Many millionaires will tell you that they NEVER stop learning.

They will tell you that they almost always seek out a mentor to guide them in whatever they’re embarking upon.

Any new project,

Any new company,

Never starts without a mentor.

Mentors are just people who have done what you want to do.

Mentors are people who are willing to show you the ropes if you’re willing to sacrifice.

I will never forget the line in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” where Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad says, (and I summarize here) 

“I’ve never showed anyone how to become rich because no one ever asked me how to make money, people only ever asked him for a job.”

[Tweet “If you want something you have to ask for it.”]

If you want to become an entrepreneur you have to ask for help.

The math is quite simple.

You want to own your own business.

You don’t own your own business.

Then you need to find someone who has their own business

And ask them to help you create your own.

It’s the same way when you went off to college you said……

I want to be an engineer.

So I will learn from those who ARE Engineers

And then I too will become an Engineer.

How much did becoming an Engineer cost me?

How much did becoming a Teacher, an Accountant, a Speech Writer…….

How much did it cost you?

What’s it worth to you to become independent of your job?

What’s it worth to you?

That’s how much you should be willing to pay for mentorship.








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    10 replies to "Why Pay for a Mentor"

    • Ruthanne

      “I decided why don’t I learn from the people who actually create these courses and books.”

      That makes so much sense!!!

      I’m committed to always learning, and I find that coaching is some of the best money I’ve spent.

    • Louisa

      A lot of great points here Hilary. A mentor makes all the difference. And it cam be very difficult shrugging off that employee mindset.

      • Hilary

        Yes Louisa, it can be a touch struggle. It’s always good to have people who can guide you.
        Thanks for stopping by.

    • jeff beeman

      Love the Robert Kiyosaki Quote … The employee mentality is tough to overcome after years and years of living it. Having a mentor helps break that cycle. ~ Great advise as always Hilary!

      • Hilary

        Well you know recently I’ve realized that it’s a certain type of “employee” mentality that has to be broken. If you were a really GREAT employee you probably will make a great entrepreneur. You have the traits you just need to apply them to yourself now!

    • Johannes

      If you want success you have to invest, simple as that, you cant learn everything by yourself.

      • Hilary

        Exactly Johannes! Free is just the beginning and so many people are missing that element.

    • Vincent Mosweta

      Great post Hilary. Getting yourself a mentor can really fasten your success goals..and I can atest to this since I personally have a mentor who guides me all the way and keeps me in check. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Dr. Lisa Thompson

      Great post!

      I had huge success in my business when I invested in a mentor – it compressed my time and accelerated my learning curve

      Dr. Lisa

      • Hilary

        Yes Lisa, totally agree. Definitely compressed time.

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