I started reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I believe it’s one of those books that anyone who wants to start taking ownership of their life, business or otherwise needs to read.

I started reading the book over my lunch hour and I will tell everyone out there “BAD IDEA” you won’t get back to work.

So you’re probably wondering, “wait she’s at work!” Yes I’m still at my JOB and yes I’m doing all of this because YES I have a desire in my mind – in my head – in my thoughts that is driving me towards a GOAL!!!!


I’ve struggled for years with wanting to branch off on my own. As I was telling my husband recently, you know why people fail at MLM or even small business –  “It’s because they have something to fall back on”. And the reality is the MLM companies know that. They know that you’ve joined Amway or Herbalife PART TIME. They know that and they count on that.

Look at the people at the top of every MLM – scratch that. Look at the people who are successful in business PERIOD!!!

THEY NEEDED THAT BUSINESS. Necessity is the mother of all invention.

If your MLM or your business is what is going to allow you to buy BREAD to eat for dinner with that can of tuna, then guess what? You’re probably going to work at it a lot harder than the person who has a 9 to 5 to fall back on.

So what do you do if you have a job. You HAVE TO WORK your business as if it was the only thing you had to feed yourself, your husband, your children.

Think about it this way – Why haven’t you been fired from you job yet? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you show up everyday, you attend all meetings you’re asked to attend, you attend all the training, you produce ALL the work, or at least most of it, that you’re asked to produce and you’re probably very nice to your boss.

Well why do you think it should be any different in your OWN business – You’ve got to SHOW UP. You’ve got to attend all the meetings, all the training. YOU have to PRODUCE and guess what – you have to be nice not to your boss but to the people you’re selling to.

“People don’t care about what you have to say, unless you show them that you care about what they want”

Bottom line is if you treat your business or your MLM like a past-time or a hobby it will eventually get side lined for something else.

Don’t waste time – SHOW UP for work at your Business NOW.

Take the first step

I know at this stage you’re really wondering where do I start?

How do I re-group and focus on my MLM business once more?

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Have a wonderful day! And Make it a productive one!



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Hilary De Freitas

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