Social Media is the hot topic yet again! You may be wondering if social media is essential for the growth of your business?

After all, you’ve been in business for a while and your company has a presence on Facebook and YouTube.

Or you may be just starting a business and you’re new to social media. Either way, social media is essential for growth and it is through social media analytics you can track that growth.

So what is social analytics and how is it going to help you track the direction your business is going?

Think of it as keeping records that will help you predict the future.

Social Media Analytics is a way to measure the impact of your marketing efforts and helps you analyze what’s working and what’s not. It could be the game changer you need to go forward.

I get into a little more detail in this video

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I’m sure each of you uses social media or at least knows about its importance.

Maybe not everyone uses it for business, but if you do, you probably have a rhythm and a system with which you work but you’re not really sure if this is working for you.

You don’t want to keep working in the dark, do you? I think not. This is why you need social analytics.

Your marketing efforts are successful or not based on your followers’ reactions.

That’s what is really important. And in a digital space, you’re able to track these reactions.

With analytics, you may be surprised what pages get traffic and what do not.

The engagement rate of pages you put a lot of effort, time, and energy into can be really low sometimes.

On the other hand, the engagement rate of the page you don’t do much with except share content can be really high.

How is that possible you ask?

What’s the difference?

You will get results in terms of leads and sales based on how people react to your offers and how they respond to your marketing, and you can track that.

When I first started online, I jumped in, read attraction marketing formula and finally understood how you can create amazing funnels. It was the first step to understanding the real purpose of social media.

When you know where the leads are coming from, where your sales are coming from you have literally created a funnel on autopilot.

(side note: Learn how to attract leads and sales into your business online using social media and understanding your data. )

So when of the first things you have to know is where the traffic source is coming from.

For example, dropping links to your website on Facebook. You need analytics to track what’s the source of those who click, who opt-in and eventually who actually buy.

That’s important. Why?

When you decide to turn on what we call “traffic” or advertising, you need to ask yourself: Am I spending my advertising money in the right place and in the right way?

And social media is great way of generating traffic, but in order know if it’s working you need to track your data.

Tracking is the fundamental thing here.

When you see a post that goes viral, in the back of your mind you need to know how to convert that into a traffic source.

And by that, I mean a traffic source of leads into sales.

But there’s a catch. How do you know when the post has gone viral?

That’s when a tool called Fanpage Karma comes in handy. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the while. Why? Fanpage Karma identifies viral and high-reach posts, and gives you the power to take that and convert them into leads and sales for your business.

Remember, you’re running a business to make a profit and revenue.

Remove from your thinking any thoughts of Facebook as just for fun and it’s free.

Facebook is another television channel. Facebook is another cable channel. It’s another magazine. It’s a source of customers!

Many small businesses don’t get the power of Facebook.

And this holds them back from effective social media marketing.

But as a businessperson you need to understand that Facebook is no different than the cable station where you go to place an ad.

If you’re a good businessperson, when you go to that cable station, you’ll ask what’s their reach, what’s the age of the people they are reaching, are there people who would like this product or service?

Facebook already has that information; it already has the answer to all the right questions. All you have to do is plug in your target and advertise specifically to that target on Facebook. I delve much deeper into the five areas of Facebook Insights (aka data) that are helpful for your business right here in this post. 

You want to grow your business then its time to invest in tools and people that provide research and information.

In marketing, the more research you do and the more information you have, the easier it becomes to make better marketing decisions.

It’s as simple as that.

When you’re scrolling down your page, you don’t have time to identify your best and worst posts, so Fanpage Karma does it for you.

Let’s put it this way; When you’re sick, you won’t go on Wikipedia to find out what’s wrong with you. You’ll go see a doctor.

The same principle applies to your social media marketing.

You have a choice. You can learn it yourself, which takes a long time, or you invest.

Either way, there’s investment in your education and your time, or there’s investment in somebody else.

Let me know what you thought of this post by leaving a comment below. Did it serve you in your business today?
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