Last week in my blog post we talked about the checklist for social media content creation.

The second part of this video gets into the actually calendar which we’re sharing today.

Your content calendar and content scheduling go hand in hand. I’ve shared this before but my go-to scheduler is Co-Schedule. Why? Because it integrates your blogs and your social platforms.

And that’s where your content is.

It’s your video, your posts, your images and your blogs.

And then you share it out from your hub. Your hub is your website. And that’s why I love CoSchedule because they focus on your content and then we’re going to distribute it.

So what’s very important when it comes to content calendars and scheduling is that you have a plan.

You’ve got to do it in advance. One of the things that I always recommend, minimum, if you cannot plan out a month’s content, at the minimum plan out a week at a time.

It’s vital that you do that and if you can do two weeks ahead, then what you’re doing is putting yourself on a nice rotation. You’re able to do this week and then one week at a time. So if for whatever reason you didn’t get to plan this week at least you’ve got two weeks ahead done (if you catch my drift).

Not only do you plan it and prepare it, but you schedule it ahead of time.

You don’t want to forget holiday seasonal events. Now, if you’re a person who just wants to be neutral on social media you can leave those out. I’d always recommend major Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s but depending on your country you want to be mindful of all of the seasons, festivals, holidays, all of those things in your social media.

The reality is you either do it or you don’t do it. Because on social media, you want to share and show people what you celebrate. So that’s one thing. And I said, schedule your posts, schedule them ahead of time.

We talking about content creation, social media content creation, the content calendar, and then your scheduling. And my go-to calendar, as I said, is CoSchedule. If you want to learn more about that, I could always jump on a call with you, book a strategy session.


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