Today I’m doing something really simple for my blog challenge today.

I know I do quite a few videos and sometimes you’re probably looking for one and just can’t find it.

So I decided to bring some together that were apart of a series of videos that we did rather than you spending hours on YouTube looking for them. (You’re Welcome!)

Deb and I did a series of videos around the technology that entrepreneurs need when building their business.

Whether you’re ready for your own self-hosted website, autoresponders or advertising we thought it would be a great idea to share this information with you so that when you’re ready you know where to come!

Hope you enjoy!


Hilary De Freitas is a wife, mother, engineer and marketer. She is dedicated to helping mothers build a successful online business from their passions, so that they don't have to choose between career and family. Hilary has been involved in network marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing consulting for the past 10 years. Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

    5 replies to "Technology that Entrepreneurs Need Series"

    • Amanda Farnum

      Great information! I’m all about having freedom in flexibility for work, so autoresponders are a must for small business owners and solepreneurs 🙂

      • Hilary

        Thanks Amanda! Yes part of the freedom lifestyle is creating automation.

    • Victoria Juster

      Very useful information! Thank you, Hilary.

    • Heidi Albertson

      These are great resources for entrepreneurs growing their business online. Thanks for the great ideas!!!

    • I love that you gathered these all together – makes it super easy to be able to click and watch.

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