Many people complain inside the network marketing space about their sponsors or uplines.

They complain that there is no true leadership and that they (the uplines) are only interested in what they can gain or earn financially.

That may be true for many, who are simply not aware of the fact that they have to be true leaders.

The leader has the most responsibility inside the unit or team. However, there are people who confuse their leadership as just being at the forefront of the group and assigning tasks to others which is wrong. Here are the characteristics of true leaders.

Team leaders or unit leaders who do not demonstrate these characteristics may be setting themselves up for failure.

  • Persistence

One of the good things of true leaders is that they are persistent.

Though this can be annoying to some of the members of their group, they do their best to continue in achieving their goals and the goals of the group regardless of the problems and difficulties that they are facing.

This means that they are not willing to slow down in front of anything that they face.

Persistence is often what is called in business “grit”. You have an attitude of “whatever it takes” (but a moral manner)/

  • Honesty

Which leads to the second characteristic of honesty.

Again many will share that they network marketing experience was tainted by a dishonest team leader.

True leaders are capable of telling the truth to their members even if it is something bad.

Honesty is known to be one of the most important things when it comes to teamwork and not disclosing everything to your team can cause problems when it comes to the trust and teamwork between members of the group.

For example – telling a team member that they MUST place an order by a specific date is not always being honest. There’s a big difference between setting goals and time frames and fabricating a deadline.

  • Adaptability

Leaders should be able to adapt quickly when it comes to changes regarding the work as well as their work environment.

Many networkers give up because their team leader said, “It’s my way or the highway!”


Not everyone is going to build their business the way you did, so to be a great leader you need to be able to adapt and be open to new ways of building if they are successful.


A leader who is capable of adapting quickly to changes will build trust in that organization as they are not only concerned with the survival of themselves but also that of the team.




  • Balance

True leaders should be able to execute a sense of calm and balance in front of their team members.

If you’re frustrated about not meeting goals, your team will also become frustrated.

Instead channel your energy into more positive avenues.

Example helping another team member reach their goal.

Performing specialized training on how to deal with tough situations in the business.

One has to realize that it is not always about making money, but rather making a difference. This is where it’s important to have balance not only for yourself as a team leader or unit leader, but also for the unit.


And the last trait I will say of a true leader is Optimism 

Having a pessimistic and negative attitude in your business can influence the people around you. Like everything in life, if you’re pessimistic then likely your team will also be pessimistic.

True leaders need to be positive when it comes to looking out into the future. Although none of us has a crystal ball, it’s always better to work at being positive and happy every day.

This lifts the morale of your team and allows them to really put their best foot forward.


The best part of true leaders is that in the process of being a great leader – you’re creating and developing great leaders under you.

If we can continue to constantly do that then we will eventually spread the goodness everywhere!


I’m Hilary De Freitas – The Marketing Mom

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