There’s been a lot of buzz recently about re-targeting, or rather re-marketing.

Facebook makes this really easy for those who want to start re-targeting.

The first thing you will have to do is have an audience to re target to.

So let’s start from the beginning.


What is Re-targetting?

Here’s the simple concept of what re-targetting is all about.

When you re-target someone, it means they’ve already seen something you sent them to.

In most cases (like with Facebook) it’s your website, your blog, a capture page.

Basically you’ve sent some people to a url link.

Thanks to a little piece of code that you can place on your website, Facebook will be able to tell you who’s been there.

Well they don’t give you the name and phone number, but using tracking codes it knows exactly who has been to what site.

So with that information Facebook now builds a “list” of IP addresses that have been to your website.

With that information now Facebook says to you the business owner,

” here are a list of IP addresses that have visited your website, now you send them to a specific offer.”


Imagine this ….

Imagine someone came and read your blog post today and they liked it, clicked around a few more of your posts.

They got tired of reading because they prefer to see what people are up to in life rather than read information that may change their life….

So they go back to Facebook and start snooping in people’s business…..

then they see a picture of you in their newsfeed!

They scroll again and they notice there’s that person’s website on the right of my page.

They don’t think anything of it.

They’ve spent their 15 minutes on Facebook and they head back to work.


Two Days Later….

they’re back on Facebook snooping in people’s lives and

THERE YOU ARE AGAIN!!!! That website image keeps following me they say to themselves!


Yes it may seem like re-targeting is following people around where ever they go.

It only happens when you decide to promote to them directly.


Think of it this way

You have a guest list of people who want to come to your wedding so you send them the invitations.

Then you send them a reminder

Then you send them other information about the wedding as the date draws near.


Well the same applies to people who visited your site.


What I’ve found is that if you’re going to use this strategy you have to test, re-test, optimize and rinse and go again!


Positioning of these re-marketing Ads is very important.

The offer you put in front of people is important.

What page you put the pixel on is important.

And the list can go on and on.


I’ve been doing some testing with my own re-targeting campaign.

So I will keep you informed as to the process.

But you’re probably wondering how to set it up.

Well there are three simple steps.


Step 1 to Facebook Targeting: Create your Custom Audience

Step 2 to Facebook Re-targeting: Install your tracking Pixel

Step 3 to Facebook Re-targeting: Create your Ad using your Custom Audience

We’ve already covered in other videos how to create your custom audience and how to create an Ad from that Audience. (you’ll need to go to #5 and #6 of the playlist) 🙂

The Pixel is really easy to install so don’t worry about that, if you have problems with just give me a shout.




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