Three things that you must do to build your business

list-imageHello World! So I’ve heard these three things several times on many webinars that I have been on.

And you hear it and you say…. Ok I get it!

But then you go on doing whatever it is that you were doing and you literally forget your focus.

Have you ever heard anyone say that the money is in the List?

“The money is in the list! The money is in the List”

Well the reality is the money is in the list. This is true but you have to have something else for the money to come in.


So Three things – I’ve already given you a hint!


Now recently I heard someone say something that made me start thinking about what a list really is. If you are not into email, or blogging and you’re a facebook junky then you’re probably wondering where is my list?

A list is simply a “place” where you have a way of connecting with people directly.

So this could be blog followers, subscribers to a youtube channel, fans on a facebook page, people in a facebook group that you created! 

Then you want to

2. Build a relationship with your list 

Providing value is not posting ” 50% off so and so….”
Providing value is NOT writing about , “This company is the best, get in at the ground floor and earn up to…..”
No one really cares about that.
Why is anyone going to buy anything from you if they don’t know you.
They don’t know who you are, what you do and know that you provide them with value.
That’s who I want to join, that’s who I want to do business with.
People who give me something.
That’s what we call building a relationship.

3. Market to your list. 

After that then you can market to your list. 
Most people start by marketing, then try to develop a relationship and then finally building a list after the fact. 
My suggestion to you today is take the time to do it right. 
Believe me. I’ve done it wrong for years and it’s only through my marketing training with Elite Marketing Pro that I’m learning how to do it right. 
5yearanniI just received my five year pin for being in my MLM for five years consecutively. (I’ve actually been with the company for almost 10 years. I just wasn’t “active”)
That’s basically hey congrats on doing this business WRONG for five years! 
But now that I know what to do. I’m starting a fresh! 
So here’s to the next five years of my MLM career!!! 

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