Time Wasters of your Business:  Focusing on Perfection!


Before I become a mother I was a perfectionist.

Everything and anything I did had to be perfect. I think it had something to do with the education system of my country, Trinidad.

You didn’t get a second chance for anything even Physical Education. In a sense it made us try our best to get it right the first time.

Which is another principle I’ve taken along my life’s journeys especially as an Engineer. Every time I went into a company I would see the effects of “Not doing it right the first time”

And I the “well educated” Engineer had to come in and fix it.

I always wished people would just be PERFECT!!!

Like Me (wink wink nudge nudge)

Yeah right!

I grew up (thankfully) and I realized that

1)      I’m NOT perfect! (that came with marriage)

2)      No one is PERFECT (that came with being a mother)

Why do I say that came with being a mother – because when you watch a child grow and learn and make “mistakes” it’s cute. It looks adorable and you still watch that child and say everything that they are doing “WRONG” is Perfect!


So I got off my high horse and decided enough with the perfection. But what does that have to do with your business you’re wondering.


As online marketers a big part of what we share is information! And the way we disseminate that information is via videos, emails, blogs posts, webinars, info products.

That’s the business we’re in. (in case you didn’t realize)

How much time do I spend checking my blog posts to make sure they are “perfect”?

I’ll tell you right now.


You want to know why because I know that I’m going to go back maybe a month a two later and I will see an error and deal with it then.

Ask all the pro’s in this industry. If you make a mistake don’t worry about it. It will still sell, someone will still read it and you will have a presence out there that you didn’t have before.

This is what I hate to hear people say, “Oh I haven’t posted my blog because I don’t have it right yet”

The only time I don’t post a blog is when I’m busy doing something else that’s making money!

Nothing that you do will be perfect.

My first video was a total failure but I got 15 views! I was impressed. I was completely new at this, had a fear of the camera, I even hated the way my voice sounded – but I did it anyway.

The beauty is you can always go back and change it and there are these cool little buttons called “UPDATE”

So don’t waste time trying to get everything perfect.

It never will be perfect and you’ll always see something that needs changing.

Here’s my advice – post whatever it is you’re working on and a week from now go and change all the errors you see on it.

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