Treat your Business like a business

business-is-businessEver realize how you treat your job like a professional entity but you treat you personal business like a hobby?

Has that ever happened to you?

Well it happened to me for quite a number of years until I decided to get serious about my business.

This is just one of the three things you need to do in 2015 for your business to be truly successful.

Commit to Your Business

Now when you decide to get serious what happens is exactly what Mike Dillard said “Success came when the emotion left”. 

You’re no longer pursuing your business as some emotional response to something.

You’ve decided that this business that you’ve decided to join, promote, or work at…. (whichever it is)

has a purpose in your life and only by you applying yourself to that business will it fulfill its purpose!

You’re doing it because you’ve made a logical decision that this is what you need to do in order to get certain results.

Most people, myself included, started their MLM business out of some emotion.

I was excited when I started my business, some people start because they are desperate, others because they got stunned by all the glitter and gold.

I started because I saw a fun and “easy” way to have a little more money in my pocket (like who doesn’t need more money), and to get these products at a 50% discount!!!

I wanted to jump through the roof and tell the world that I was a brand new Beauty Consultant …..

…and that’s exactly what I did – Almost 10 years ago – But that excitement soon left and so did the people who got me all excited.

Probably because their excitement left as well.

Now you’ve probably heard this before …..

but people don’t join the MLM company (unless of course it’s a GREAT company).

People join people.

They join you!

So yes we were attracted to the glitter and the gold,

we were attracted to the plan (maybe), but really we didn’t make a business decision.

We made an emotional decision based on the person who was standing in front of us.

Three to four weeks later we start making that business decision, but by then we’ve already invested in the business and are starting to wonder “what did I get myself into?”.

At this point, some people bail and some decide they’re going to try the business their way, some decide they’re going to follow exactly what their company says to do.

It doesn’t matter what you decided to do then – if you’re reading this it means you’ve decided to change your approach to business for the better.

Which means you’ve decided to Commit to your business. You’ve said yes! say-yes

That’s what is most important.

You can’t say you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner and not sacrifice SOMETHING.

You can’t say I’m a consultant of so and so company but you spend all your time watching football (whichever version you choose) all day.

Business is business and the faster you get that into your subconscious attitude the faster you will be able to start making money.

Commitment to your business is one of the most important things you can do.

Jim Rohn once said, “Don’t neglect to do what’s will make you rich.”

He was saying that it’s just as easy to do the things required for your business, just as easy as it is NOT to do them.

So today just remember that Success will come when emotion leaves and you decide to Commit!

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about the not so nice topic of what is called, “emptying your cup!” 


Have a great day!

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    6 replies to "Treat your Business like a Business"

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    • Lizz

      HI, Happy New Year! God’s continued blessings I pray for you! I am ready to go serious with my own business. First step, is registering the name. Will do that soon!


    • Elizabeth

      Nice to “meet” you. Having had a myriad of experiences when it comes to this conversation, I have come to the conclusion that you just never know when something will have a mind of its own. Trying to juggle all the many aspects of our lives these days is no easy task, but knowing what we truly want certainly can be a start. Having the support of others can also have a good impact as well. Happy New Year!

      • hdefreitas

        Happy New Year to you too! I know exactly what you mean by support. I’ve seen many people know exactly what they want and how to get there, but they just didn’t have that support system. I’m grateful that I have a very supportive husband and family.

    • Catherine

      This is just what I have been telling myself over the last week or so. I am ready to put lots of effort into my business, and to start with, calling it a business. I may not be making money yet, but that is the goal and with lots of effort I know it will happen. Thanks for the reminder to keep at it!

      • hdefreitas

        Hi Catherine! Not a problem! I’ve been preaching this same message to myself as well. My biggest reminder is that I’m not doing this for me, but for my family; so just I just can’t give up!

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