So you’re probably wondering what these two skills could be.

After all marketing has been taught from the beginning of the last century right?

And as far as you know Marketing is about the 4P’s right?

Well the internet changes a lot of things.

Remember “Donna the dear lady”

The internet attracted alot of attention to her and she really didn’t want it.

That’s the power of the internet.

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Could you imagine your website getting that much daily traffic?

That video has had over 2 MILLION views in the last 3 years!

That many people consuming your content and seeing your offers.

Donna the Dear Lady needed to capitalize on all that traffic.

And that is exactly what the very first marketing skill is in online marketing.


Online Marketing Requires an Understanding of Driving Traffic

Traffic is Gold.

If you know how to drive traffic then you’ve accomplished half your goals for online marketing.

But what is “Traffic” anyway?

Well in the online marketing world Traffic is simply the number of visits to a particular site or page.

So it stands to reason that getting good at “traffic” is actually acquiring the skill of convincing people to leave what they’re doing right now and getting them to go to another site or page.


This isn’t as easy as you may think.

Most people who market online, almost never master the art of driving traffic because they omit a very important element.

The WHOM. (more on that later this month).

But the reality is if you know who will want to see your offers then the traffic part becomes easy. (fairly easy)

I’m not going to fool you.

You can get alot of traffic to your offers, but if it isn’t ultra-targeted traffic then it is not going to convert.

You can’t target men ages 45 to 60 to drive traffic to say a Mary Kay site. That wouldn’t make sense.

Unless of course they are buying for their wives, daughters, mothers, nieces etc.

You’d want to target the women who would be interested in what Mary Kay has to sell.

But getting traffic to your site is just one piece of the puzzle.

A very important piece, because if you can imagine a mall with no one inside it who cares if what is selling in the mall is going to be of value.

There’s no one there to buy!!!!

So imagine you site as a mall and you want it crowded with people day in, day out!


Converting Sales Funnels

So you’ve got the people in the mall, now what?

Well we’re talking about the two marketing skills that are going to create MASSIVE profit online right.



So traditionally your sales funnel would have looked something like this.

And there is nothing wrong with this type of funnel, except that it’s outdated, everyone has seen it, and the reality is it doesn’t convert that well anymore.

Once you mastered the traffic component you want to have a sales funnel that will convert.

One aspect of having a well converting sales funnel is having a self-liquidating offer (better known as a lead magnet).

What does a new age sales funnel look like? 10MTM_the_ecosytemwithsocial

So the little men on the top represent the “traffic we were referring to higher up.

That traffic goes to an Ad of some sort that take people to a CONTENT piece. Like this one!

Little side note But here’s the nice part. On that content piece you have alot of social sharing buttons right?

So other people by sharing your post will be bringing “free traffic” back to your content piece.

So on that content piece what do you think is there?

on the side bar, inside the post and also at the bottom are various points where views can OPT-IN to learn more about, say generating more traffic to their site, for example

7stepleadmagnet side barOnce they’ve opted-in the email follow up series begins and you make your sales on the back end.

But it doesn’t end there ………

When they opt-in you have to say thank you, you have to provide them with the “lead magnet” that we spoke about earlier.


That’s where THIS TRAINING comes in on how you can create a lead magnet?


Earning money online doesn’t have to be complicated, but you have to know what marketing is absolutely necessary.

And in my experience – marketing online – is all about traffic and sales funnels.


Let me know how these two marketing skills have helped you in your business.

Share with those you think will find value in this.



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    • Ruthanne

      Helpful outline for attracting engaging traffic. Thanks much!

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        Glad you liked it Ruthane. Thanks for stopping by

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