Why are Live Events Important

So it’s Day 2 of this Why are Live events Important.

And I told you, you’d be a little shocked by this reason that I got about attending Live Events.


Well this one almost threw me out of my seat.

Now I remember Ferny talking about this in his documentary while interviewing Ray Higdon. (it’s down to the end of the first video)

Excuse #2 : I don’t know enough to attend Live Events

[Tweet “I don’t know enough to attend Live Events”]


That was the excuse.

I don’t know enough to attend!

So apparently we only attend live events if we are gurus, if we’re at the top of our company, and we’re making all the money we want to be making.

Well that would make a lot of sense right?

All the people who know everything hanging out.

Tim Erway

Well as you know sometimes we have to dig deeper to see what’s the real reason.

It turned out that my friend here just didn’t want to go because he didn’t want to appear stupid.

He really didn’t want to go and look like ……


That’s a picture of me at a live workshop event.

I knew nothing.

I went and I presented the nothingness that I had.

And I got critiqued.

To the point of crying.

Yes I cried.

And I’m actually happy looking back a few months later knowing that I went to that event

Knowing nothing!


Now I can understand that if you’re going to an event that is suppose to have 500 plus people

and naturally they’re all at different levels

You probably will feel —— No scratch that

you WILL feel intimidated!

Especially if you’re completely new to the business.


Now not everyone is born with exceptional self confidence.

If you’re brand new to business, it doesn’t matter if you have an engineering degree from MIT or not!

You’re going to feel a little inadequate.

And guess what?!

That is perfectly normal.

Because you’re not suppose to know everything.

This is precisely why you have these events for you to attend.

So that you can learn at these events and boost your confidence.


I wouldn’t be able to be writing a blog everyday.

Or sending out an email everyday if I hadn’t gotten over my fear and just went to live events.

Look how comfortable I look at this event!

MaryKay RedJacket


True enough it did take a few events for me to feel that way.

But the more you attend live events the more comfortable you will feel in your own skin in this business.


I’m heading to my first in person LIVE event this June!

It’s my first in person, because as you know in this era we can attend events via the internet.

But as I will share in another blog post.

Being physically there has even greater benefits!

So stay tuned for the Day 3 – this one will be really hard. But as a first time mom I’ll show you how you can even over come family commitments as …… yes ….. an excuse for not getting to live event.


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    2 replies to "Why are Live Events Important Day 2"

    • Jeff Beeman

      Love the Live Events… I remember traveling to Florida years ago in the back of a crowded van followed by sleeping in a crowded hotel room. Late nights and tons of fun!

      • Hilary

        Isn’t it just amazing!!! I remember staying in a hotel room with four other women and the only thing they remember about me is how I used to get up each morning and do push-ups!

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