Why Live Events Are Important for personal growth

Someone recently challenged me to find out why are live events so important.

I say challenged because this was their approach.

Apparently to him companies only put on Live Events to Make money from the attendees.

He was referring specifically to network marketing companies that host their annual or quarterly events for their distributors.

Believe it or not I once thought the same thing…..


… until I had the opportunity to sit down with the management of Tableau Software company at their customer conference which was held in San Diego a few years ago.

I truly believed it was all a money making game.

The Tableau Management shared with me basically, “If we break even on these events we’re lucky!”


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So it means that they are truly putting on these events for us!

It’s for us to meet the leaders of companies,

It’s for us to meet sponsors

It’s for us to interact with other professionals in the field.

And it’s basically a learning opportunity.


All network marketing companies have done is take a model that has been used in wider industries and applied it to their own industry.

So here’s the real question what excuses do you have for NOT attending your company’s live event.

I’ve heard quite a few recently and I’m going to share the Excuses then show why you really should have NO Excuse if you want to succeed in your business.


Reason #1: I don’t have the money to attend Live Events

Ok money is an issue!

That’s why you joined your MLM in the first place right?

That’s why you’ve decided to be your own boss and start your own business.

Because you don’t want money to be an issue in the future.

Now let’s go back to my introduction.

I went to Tableau’s Live event while I was still an employee.

Yes my company paid for me then.

But I met about 50 people who paid their way!

50 People came to this conference out of their own pocket.

And guess what? They were all entrepreneurs.


Because they want to advance in the field of Data Analytics and Data Visualization.

If you want to advance in something you will seek out the places, books, events that will help you grow and learn.

Growth Requires a Little Sacrifice

Imagine you wanted a promotion at your job……

Your boss tells you that the only way you will be considered for that promotion is if you have a Master’s Degree in Statistics.

What are you going to do?

The only way you wouldn’t go back and get that degree is if you really really really did NOT want that promotion.

Even if you get the degree there is NO guarantee that you’ll get the promotion.

Your boss said, “considered” he didn’t say you’ll get the job.

What you do know is that if you don’t HAVE IT you’re not even going to be considered.


The principle is the same for advancing in your network marketing company.

If you’re going to advance in that business you need to put yourself out there and be willing to learn.

You need to be willing to invest in the areas that will help you grow.

One of those is attending Live Events.


This is where you get the most hands on training.


When I went to Tableau’s Customer Conference in San Diego I took an exam!

My company didn’t pay for it.

I paid for it.

Because I wanted to be Certified as a Tableau Software user.

When you know that you want something badly enough – money is never an obstacle.


Solution: Where to Find the money to Attend your Event?

So you’re probably saying ok, if money isn’t an issue where did you find the money to pay that exam.

There’s this event coming up for the business I’m in now.


No Excuses Summit.

I already have my tickets.

Where did I get the money?

I borrowed it.

I’ll be honest with you.

I didn’t have the money either.

So I borrowed it!

And I’m going to pay it back.

With interest maybe.

But I’m going to pay it back.

You see we always have excuses.

Instead of me putting on the same credit card those shoes that I saw in the mall last week,

I put the tickets to an event that will help me in my business on the card instead.

When someone tells me they don’t have the money I ask three questions:

  1. How often do you eat out on a weekly basis?
  2. How often do you go to the movies or to some recreational activity? 
  3. How often do you purchase new clothes or shoes? 


Trade offs are always going to be necessary if you’re building a business.

It’s either Wendy’s for dinner or I cook food at home.

It’s either a vacation in Barbados or a training course on Sales Funnels?


When you jump into a business you can’t use having no money as an excuse.

If you wanted that outfit you saw on sale in the mall I know you’d find the money.

So Find the money.

That’s it.

Look out for tomorrow blog post – Reason # 2 may shock you a little. Quite frankly this reason is why I thought someone would want to go to the event!

Hope you got value from this one today.

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